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18.09.2008., četvrtak

How to get more backlinks?

Post comments in other blogs. When you add a comment in a blog and when you add your blog´s URL a new backlinks is created, but try to post comments only in those somehow related to what your blog is about, don’t start posting in each blog you find out there. Contribute with the community, that´s what the blogging business is all about.

Link Exchange. It is important that you exchange links only with related sites. If a site has nothing to do with your site a reciprocal backlink from it will serve little to no purpose. Post an entry and let people know that you are open for link exchanges.

Join forums. And contribute posting comments, use your URL as your signature, try to participate in the hottest threads, don’t start posting comments without content just to get backlinks because it is probably that your entry will be deleted by a moderator.

Link Baiting. If you don’t know what this means, it is when you write a controversial or a very interesting post or article that catches the attention of a large audience that wants to blog about that, this is going to generate automatic free backlinks. Write a creative post, this kind of links are very important because people are choosing to link to you, what gives your blog an extra value.

Submit articles. If you know a lot about something write an article for free distribution, or for reprint, and submit it to free article directories.

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15.09.2008., ponedjeljak

Reddit Traffic

What is Reddit?
Reddit is a social bookmarking Web site that works much like Furl and you register a username and password, and then start submitting and sharing your bookmarks. Reddit is similar to in that users are encouraged to vote on the links and stories that they feel are deserving of being in the top dog spot: it’s kind of a popularity contest, so to speak.
How does Reddit work?
Not only can you use Reddit to share and discover new Web sites, you can also explore the Reddit subnetworks, called subReddits. Basically, these are channels of particular topics such as Science, Culture, and Programming. In addition to these channels, Reddit also owns Lipstick, a subreddit that is a social bookmarking site specifically aimed towards gossip and entertainment news.
Why should I use Reddit?
I tend to use Reddit to find Web sites that are off the beaten path, so to speak - I find that Reddit's user base has very eclectic tastes and I almost always find something that is well worth a return visit to find even more good stuff.

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06.09.2008., subota

Methods to Drive Web Site Traffic

1. Ads on free classified ads sites, such as Backpages, Craigslist, and Kijiji.

2. Posting articles on article directory sites, such as EzineArticles.

3. Creating educational YouTube videos and putting URL in the video and link in the description text.

4. Posting content to industry hubs and networking sites. For example, ActiveRain is a very popular blogging and online networking community for real estate brokers, in much the same way that Facebook is for college students. Networking with other people expands your sphere, also.

5. Discussion board participation. Pick forums related to your industry and site, and put links in your signature line so it appears in all your posts. These can be stand-alone sites, or "groups" on sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

6. Comment on related blogs, leaving a link behind.

7. Automatically submit your content to aggregators. The easiest way to do this is to burn your feed to FeedBurner and enable the feature to distribute your feed to blog aggregators.

8. Place links in your blog posts to allow readers to submit them to Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Fark, and other such "best of blogging" sites.

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