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30.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Higher Search Engine Rank

A higher search engine rank is a common goal of web marketers and often a mystery for beginners. Besides good on-page optimization, link building is huge when it comes to bagging those coveted top spots. Read on for the top four ways to get more backlinks to your website and get higher search engine rank.

Tips #1:
Submit your website to web directories - There are a lot of free web directories you can submit your site to that will help you accumulate back links.

Tips #2:
Submitting articles to article directories is a powerful technique. If you aren't confident in your writing ability you can hire others to write original articles for you at surprisingly reasonable prices. Articles of decent quality that offer valuable content can build considerable traffic flow over time while giving you some quality back links. Make sure your article includes suitable anchor text and a link leading back to your website in your author bio or resource box.

Tips #3:
Posting on related forums or blogs - One good bet in trying to build up search engine rankings would be to get your website link onto pages of blogs and forums of sites with related themes to your own. You can post comments or even questions on blogs using your website in your signature. Make sure your link is only in your signature or you're likely to get banned for spamming.

Tips #4:
Exchanging links with related websites - If you can get other high quality and related websites to exchange their links with yours on each other's website homepages, this can be a fantastic way of building up backlinks. Unfortunately the process can be very labor intensive. As with other methods you want quality over quantity. Due to the time required to implement this tip I recommend you spend your time on other methods, like article marketing, before working on exchanging links.

Try this out!!!

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28.06.2008., subota

Use Signature for Traffic

A signature file IS important - honest!

This tip is VERY basic, yet I'm continual y surprised how many apparently
experienced marketers don't use it ALL the time.

Add a signature file to the bottom of EVERY email you send – to anyone.

Here's why:

I receive a lot of email, and I get so frustrated when I receive cryptic emails
from people I half-know saying things like...

"Did you find time to have a look at the ebook?"


I have to stop and think, "Who's John? What was his book about?"

Where did I file his ebook when I downloaded it? Into a file based on his
SURNAME, not "John".

Adding a signature file to every email...

1. Reminds people of the name of your website. It helps make your site

2. Gives people a link they can click on, makes it easy for them, and
increases your chances of getting visitors.
3. Can temp extra visitors, especially if you give them a reason for
visiting, such as a new article or a free report.

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26.06.2008., četvrtak

Tips to Increase traffic

Write a topic and post it in different sections and thereby create a series. This increases the curiosity of the web visitors who turn to the blog for the interesting follow-ups.

Write on controversial topics that arouse the interests of the web visitors.

Try to blog out breaking news first. It increases the popularity and creates an authentic image in the web community.

Use right keywords in the body content. The placement of the keywords in accurate density proves to be search engine friendly.

It is very important to encourage comments of web visitors in your blog. Highlight the most relevant comments on the blog. Try to build a cordial relation with the web visitors so that they visit your blog over and over again.

Submit your blog in blog directories and the RSS feed in RSS directories respectively.

It will be fruitful if you use the Ping-O-Matic service. Enter your blog name and its URL and select the directories according to choice. Any updates in your blog are automatically updated in the directories. The web visitors in these directories will able to access your contents.

While designing your blog it necessary to make an email subscription button and form. This proves to be very user friendly.

Try to comment on other blogs. This will introduce your blog in the blogger community.

List your favorite blogs in the blog rolls. You must also try to list your blog in other blogs.

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23.06.2008., ponedjeljak

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19.06.2008., četvrtak

Ping your blog whenever you post !

What is a ping?
A notification to a Web site that a blog has been created or updated. The ping is typically an XML message that contains the URL of the blog. Blog tracking sites publish separate Internet addresses for accepting pings, and news sites may also set up ping addresses.
Many blog authoring tools automatically ping one or more servers each time the blogger creates a new post (or updates an old one.) That is, the tool sends an XML-RPC signal to one or more "ping servers," which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material.

Open ping servers, like VeriSign's and Yahoo!'s, let other web-services subscribe to a list of blogs that have recently pinged them. Blog search engines can provide fresh results very quickly by polling only the newly-updated blogs. Similarly, aggregators use results from ping servers to tell subscribers which items on their subscription lists have fresh material. A few of the blog aggregators that can be pinged directly include: BulkFeeds, FeedBurner, Google Blog Search, IceRocket, Technorati, and Yahoo

In addition to open ping servers, there are an increasing number of proprietary ping servers that gather information only for their own applications. Most of the major blog search engines operate such ping servers.

There is a conflict of interest here between the blogger--who wants his new post to get the widest possible publicity as fast as possible--and the web-service owner--who wants his search engine or aggregator to have new blog posts long before anyone else. As a result, bloggers have turned to services such as Ping-o-matic, which pings multiple proprietary ping servers. As the blogosphere has grown, other ping "services" have cropped up, such as Pingoat and BlogFlux Pinger.

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18.06.2008., srijeda

Increase traffic with Feedburner

FeedBurner is a free service that allows you to track your feed traffic and all kinds of other fun stuff. It won’t create a feed for you from scratch as often believed - rather it wraps itself snugly around a feed you bring in and adds its services therein. It has a few premium options for the serious feed publisher, too.

1- Give others permission - or shake the no-no finger - with the Creative Commons option, found under the Publicize tab in your FeedBurner dashboard.

It will pop in the logo if you like, and explain what permissions others have to use your feed. Being clear about what permissions others have to use your feed with encourage them to display your headlines on their site – or let them know that they must link to you to cite your views.

2- Turn your feed into a newsletter with Feedblitz or Squeet under Publicize/Email Subscriptions.

This turns your feed into a newsletter. It even gives you a subscribe form for your site. Now you now have a(nother) ezine option to go with your blog without any extra work.

3- Use the Browser-Friendly version, combined with FeedFlare to explain what an RSS Feed is.

First on the Optimize tab, the Browser-Friendly version turns your RSS feed into a web page, so that when new people click on your feed, without knowing what it is, they’ll know how to use it. All you do is link to the FeedBurner version of your feed, instead of your default feed address.

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15.06.2008., nedjelja

Link campaign & Incestuous linking

Link campaigns are a form of online marketing and SEO. A business seeking to increase the number of visitors to its web site can ask its strategic partners, professional organizations, chambers of commerce, suppliers, and customers to add links from their web sites. A link campaign may involve mutual links back and forth between related sites, but it doesn't have to require the reciprocation of links.

Incestuous linking is an SEO strategy used by a webmaster to promote a collection of their own web sites, or those of close friends.

Due to the domination of the search engine market by Google, and its underlying PageRank technology, sites are deemed to be more important if they have large numbers of inbound links. If those inbound links are also from highly ranked web sites, they will boost the web site further. With the takeup of blogging and social networking sites such as MySpace, this has resulted in lots of web sites that are inter-linked and can artificially improve the ranking of a web site without merit, i.e. without valuable, or unique content.

When the sites are not directly owned, this is referred to as a web clique

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13.06.2008., petak

Increase Google Page Rank

If you want the search engines to find your blog, hub or website and rank your pages, then you need to post on a daily basis. Some writers that I know put aside one day and write all their posts for the week and submit on a daily basis.

Page rank will increase if you link between different posts and pages on your website. One of the best ways of raising your Google page rank is to post comments on blogs and websites that have a higher ranking than you and leave your URL next to your name. If they follow the link you will get an inbound link from a site with a higher page ranking than yours; this can boost your page ranking.

Don't be too impatient this demands a fair bit of work and Google often doesn't list page rankings for a month or longer - so it could take a while to see a change in your page ranking.
Image Hosted by

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11.06.2008., srijeda

Google ranking factors

1. PageRank

PageRank is determined by the number and quality of links to a page. Both the quantity and quality of text links are important. Always try to get links from web pages with a PageRank rating of at least four.

Concentrate on getting as many different quality sites as possible to link to one page on your site, usually your home page. Do not spread the links to different pages. This will maximize the PageRank of your main page, plus those of the subpages.

2. Incoming Text Link Keywords

ALWAYS provide text links for linking to your site. Avoid image links.

Google does index image links, but without any text for it to index, it won't help your link popularity rating for your important keywords.

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08.06.2008., nedjelja

Free traffic from MySpace

One of the most popular websites nowadays is MySpace because for its ability to connect people and creating relationships. In business, you can also make use of MySpace to improve your web traffic. Here are nine steps that can help create traffic using MySpace:

1. The first step is to develop your myspace page. Create a logo of your business and use it as the default picture of your profile so people will be able to distinguish your page from other personal non-business pages.

2. Spruce up your page by adding an interesting background that goes well with the theme of your business. Keep it simple and steer clear of dizzy designs and dark layouts.

3. Utilize the blog tool of myspace and fill it up with content that can be read and appreciated by readers everywhere.

4. The bulletin function can be used by making announcements and relaying information to your network of clients and customers.

5. MySpace is a networking site, so link up! Collect as many contacts as you can so you can bring your products to a wider audience.

6. Keep your profile fresh and up to date so people will continually visit it. A lot of people look at others' profiles and scan thru those which are recently updated.

7. Use your picture section to post images about your products. You can create albums or galleries that showcase your different products so people can also appreciate them.

8. Select your friends strategically and make sure your target audience is also interested in your products to keep them visiting your page frequently.

9. Always be present and respond to your contacts. When people send you messages you should learn to reply to them. One good turn deserves another, so be a friendly contact who also gives good compliments and great feedbacks after successful transactions in MySpace.

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04.06.2008., srijeda

Recommended SEO Tools

Keyword Density Analyzer

Alexa Rank Tool

Backlink Check Tool

Atom & RSS Feed Validator

Bad Neighborhood Checker

Class C Checker

Free Site Monitor

Reciprocal Link Checker

My IP Address

Free Broken Link Checker

Online Free Reciprocal Link Checker

Google Rank Position

Google Rankings

Online XML Sitemaps Generator

Free Keyword Search Tool

Keyword Density

Link Popularity Checker

Check Yahoo WebRank

Page Rank Tool

Backlink Checker

Robots.txt Generator

Check how much your blog is worth.

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01.06.2008., nedjelja

How to Effectively Choose Your Web Site`s Keywords

If you're serious about trying to land tons of free traffic via search engines then choosing keywords is going to have to be a serious investment for your business. In part one of this two part series, I am going to show you how to go about choosing keywords. In part two, I am going to show you how to use your keywords on your Web site.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, I'm sure you will find that once you are done reading the series you will have a better understanding of how to better target search engines while keeping your visitors happy.

The Importance of Keyword Selection

A common question many people ask is "What keywords should I be targeting for my site?" It is an excellent question to ask because choosing the keywords that you put on your Web site should not be taken lightly. Keyword selection should be considered a major part of your total marketing strategy.

The words that you put on your Web site are eventually going to be indexed by the search engines, unless there is something preventing a spider from crawling your Web site. The textual content on your Web pages is how search engines will classify your Web site and how people will find your Web site when using a search engine.

The most basic idea behind selecting the right keyword is choosing keywords for which people are actually searching. It is important to think like your target audience and not to think like an expert or someone well versed in your profession. Let's say I have a Web site for a ski resort. Now, I would not target the keywords "ski" or "snowboard." These terms are far too generalized and will have a ton of competing sites.

We are targeting people who want to go skiing. If a term is too general then you will have visitors who are looking for anything related to skiing and snowboarding, not visitors specifically looking to go skiing. People who are looking to go skiing are not typing those keywords in the search box. The type of people who are likely to come to your resort will be searching with keywords that look more like these: "ski resorts," "discount ski vacations" or even select localized terms like "Colorado ski resorts."

You also would not optimize a Web page for a single keyword like "doctor." With all the specialized areas in the medical industry you want to target people searching for specific doctors or specific health problems.

You can apply this idea to any business if you derive your keyword list from the various products or services you offer. If you sell a specific line of a product, or sell a particular manufacturer's product you may find that people are searching for those terms more than generalized terms. Some specific examples of choosing keywords from a specific line or manufacturer are "Dell laptop computers" or "Harry Winston jewelry."

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