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14.03.2008., petak

Get Paid Every Time Your Website Is Seen..

Do you make money from your blog?If yes, then there is a good news for you. AudioAdHosting is a new site working just like adsense.But its better than adsense because here you will be paid for every visitor and no click-throughs are necessary.In this programme,each visitor to your website or blog will hear 1 five second ad for national companies like HBO, Taco Bell etc. Even if your visitors speakers are muted you will still be paid.Thus, you will earn from every visitor.

They are backed by one of worlds leading search engines-top 5 in is offering a free affiliate program for a short time only. requires their affiliate, to sign up with them for this unique form of advertising. The very ad is a 1 second audio that plays only once per visitor.

Earn from every visitor concept is fully utilized by Here are some attractive points about this online money making program:

1. 100% free
2. Paid weekly
3. Earn of your website
4. You get paid for referrals
5. Massive residual income

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