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Pewter ballet pumps - Syringe infusion pumps - Ecocirc solar pump.

Pewter Ballet Pumps

pewter ballet pumps

    ballet pumps
  • (Ballet pump) Ballet flats are derived from a woman's soft ballet slipper, with a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all.

  • Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, traditionally 85-99% tin, with the remainder consisting of copper, antimony, bismuth and lead. Copper and antimony act as hardeners while lead is common in the lower grades of pewter, which have a bluish tint.

  • A shade of bluish or silver gray

  • any of various alloys of tin with small amounts of other metals (especially lead)

  • A gray alloy of tin with copper and antimony (formerly, tin and lead)

  • Utensils made of this

  • An alloy that is currently composed of approximately 93–98% tin, 1–2% copper, and the balance of antimony; An alloy of tin and lead; items made of pewter; A dark, dull grey colour, like that of the metal; Of a dark, dull grey colour, like that of the metal

Pewter casting

Pewter casting

Hey what do you know, it worked!

I did run into a few problems, mainly with the temp I was getting w/ my grill outside. I think I'll have to switch to a plumbers torch and a smaller dish/pan to pour from. I had trouble getting the pewter hot enough, and as you can see pouring it was also problematic.

I'd hoped to be able to control the pour enough to cast it thin enough so there would be open spaces between the fingers and around the hand. As it is the back is quite thick, and as you can see I wasn't able to get an even edge at all.

I'm also wondering if I heat the mold up a bit if that would help. I could use the grill as a warmer, heat it to 200-300 degrees, then cook the pewter separately and pour it into the hot mold and see if that helps.

HanStone Quartz - Pewter

HanStone Quartz - Pewter

Pewter RC101
The crisp quartz surface featured in this modern kitchen space creates the clean look of concrete with a warm, silky finish speckled with fine-grain neutrals. The cool appearance of this product was chosen to accentuate the rich dark cabinetry and honey-hued floors.

pewter ballet pumps

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