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Three reasons Anti snoring Is The Most Dangerous Of Sleep Disorders

Sleep problems are very common. Getting out of bed tired and being tired all day long is an epidemic of this age. Reducing sleep for school, job, family and life in general isn't good. Not being able to rest regularly may require treatment. Sleep may be the universal building block for the body's ability to function.

Sleep disorders tend to be more complex than lost hours counting sheep. Many medical disorders involve sleeplessness. Some of the main sleep problems are:

Obstructive Anti snoring
Bruxism or "teeth grinding"
Somnambulism or "sleep-walking"
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) or "uncontrollable leg movement"
Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder (RBD) or "acting out dreams while asleep"

Of sleep problems, sleep apnea affects around Twenty to thirty million Americans. Even sheer numbers like these don't tell the entire story of methods bad anti snoring is becoming.

Three main reasons for anti snoring being the worst sleeping disorder is how it affects the mind, damages one's heart and it is dismissed as "no big deal".

1. Sleep Apnea Causes Temporary Brain Damage

Apnea affects the mind in many ways. When a person's normal respiratory rate is interrupted during sleep, that individual never falls asleep. Rest is for your body but sleep is for the mind. The mind reboots while asleep.

Imagine your pc running and running and running, not able to shut down, not able to repair and unable to defrag. It is just a matter of time until your computer breaks. The best thing about anti snoring treatment with therapy such as CPAP, after a few weeks of deep sleep, the brain can reset.

2. Anti snoring Causes Permanent Heart Damage

When a person has shallow or multiple non-breathing episodes while asleep, blood oxygen levels drop. Blood carries oxygen to body tissues. In times of low blood oxygen levels, the heart pumps proper blood circulation to make up for the loss. This could cause high blood pressure and irreversible changes to heart muscle.

The heart is like any muscle in the body. The greater it really works the larger it gets. One of the main causes of heart failure and heart transplant may be the heart becomes enlarged to some extent it no more works as it should. An over worked heart is really a ticking time bomb but it is not the worst condition anti snoring may cause.

sleep apnea

Whenever a person spends hours lacking the necessary oxygen, blood oxygen levels drop lower and lower. See above, we all know that. Anti snoring can drop these levels so low it can trigger a heart attack. Even death.

Insufficient oxygen to heart tissue causes chest pain. Heart muscle stop from oxygen causes cardiac arrest. A heart attack while the body is shutting down to sleep coupled with a very low blood oxygen level may cause death. Its not all time. Many times the paramedics arrive can provide relief.

3. Snoring is no problem. Right?

You snore. I snore. My uncle John snores. Everybody snores. No big deal...right? Snoring is common but abnormal. Snoring indicates areas of the mouth and throat are reducing oxygen's path into the lungs. If you wake yourself up snoring or another person cannot sleep in your area because of your snoring, it's really a matter of time before you decide to develop full-blown medical conditions.

sleep apnea pillow

Worst of all, many medical conditions such as:

Mood Swings
Chronic Heart problems
Mental Deficiencies
High Blood pressure level
Weight Gain (regardless of clean diet with regular exercise)

are treated without any thought given to the possibility that sleep apnea could be the reason for them all.

Imagine being identified as having multiple medical conditions, spending huge sums of cash on doctor visits, treatments and medications all because you have one simple, very treatable, medical problem. Anti snoring truly may be the for the worst situation sleep disorders.

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