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Oase Filters

oase filters

  • (filter) device that removes something from whatever passes through it

  • (filter) an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

  • A device for suppressing electrical or sound waves of frequencies not required

  • A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it

  • A screen, plate, or layer of a substance that absorbs light or other radiation or selectively absorbs some of its components

  • (filter) remove by passing through a filter; "filter out the impurities"

  • (Oases) In geography, an oasis (plural: oases) or cienega (southwestern United States) is an isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water source. Oases also provide habitat for animals and even humans if the area is big enough.

  • Oase is the newfound skull thought to be from sometime in the first 5,000 years of human habitation of Europe. It was found in a cave in southwestern Romania, with other human samples from the time.

oase filters - Oase Bitron

Oase Bitron 550LM Ultraviolet Clarifier/Sterilizer 550watts

Oase Bitron 550LM Ultraviolet Clarifier/Sterilizer 550watts

The Bitron 550 LM is a powerful 550 watt UVC clarifier that is used to reduce suspended algae and pathogens in bodies of water to 250 m3 in volume. Due to the low flow speed relative to UVC performance the displaced water is freed from suspended algae and germs in a particularly effective manner. This means that the water does not need to be recirculated so frequently,and thus expenditure of energy is reduced. Stainless steel reflectors intensify the performance of the UVC bulbs. The Bitron 550 LM is operated as a flow-through UVC above the water level. It can be ideally implemented in combination with the different modules of the Proficlear filter system

87% (18)

(587) Totenberg

(587) Totenberg

Aufgenommen mit Polarisations-Filter - taken with pol-filter.

vom Hugel aus hat man einen schonen Rundblick uber die Oase Siwa.

from this hill you have great view around the oasis.

Oase Nr. 7 // Haus-Rucker-Co

Oase Nr. 7 // Haus-Rucker-Co

Oase 7 von Haus-Rucker-Co

KLIMAKAPSELN - Uberlebensbedingungen in der Katastrophe

Ausstellung vom 27. Mai bis 8. August 2010, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

oase filters

oase filters

OASE 75: 25 Years of Critical Reflection on Architecture

This year the respected Dutch architecture journal OASE celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Over the years, OASE has evolved into an international resource in which a reflective and critical approach to architecture, urban development and landscape architecture is the mainstay. Its jubilee is being marked by a special, double-thick English-language edition of the journal that compiles all of its most important historical essays and background articles, making a great many key texts accessible to an international readership for the first time. This anthology affords an overview of the themes that have dominated architectural discourse in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond over recent decades, set in a broader context by new texts by prominent architecture historians. Thus, this volume is an important source of information on developments in academic debate as well as professional practice in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

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