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Clearing flash cookies. Cookbook cover ideas.

Clearing Flash Cookies

clearing flash cookies

    flash cookies
  • Local Shared Objects (LSO), commonly called flash cookies, are collections of cookie-like data stored as a file on a user's computer. LSOs are used by all versions of Adobe Flash Player and Version 6 and above of Macromedia's now-obsolete Flash MX Player.

  • An open space in a forest, esp. one cleared for cultivation

  • the act of freeing from suspicion

  • a tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area

  • the act of removing solid particles from a liquid



When the black and whites first started with me, they introduced me to the idea of sharing consciousness or sharing in spirit by having me join in a laugh session with the mentors they had assigned me. The sensation of spontaneous, heart-felt laughter over points of conversation as a response to the brushing together of souls at some point of conversation is unique in the same way as shared sexual arousal. they're beginning to whisper sarcastic affirmation. I'm thinking of the way a comedian can feel when he is communicating with his or her audience...I guess you could include Professor Hess's sense of how well an individual or a class was using their learned matrix in listening to his lectures. female voice comments briefly throat cleat clear I think of the time I shared laughter with my father over a comment I told him my mother had made about throat clear by a cruising student age male or so failure to make funeral arrangements: "You'll have a dead body on your hands." or something like that. Whatever it was, we hit at that point and the laughter with tears and sobs was genuine and Each time we would got it under control, it would start again like those variegated flashes of light and other sensations the big Liddell is going to talk about in connection with the word [[[[[]]]]] in a while. I don't know how many times it started up again with that sensation Data acted out the time they installed a cookie that allowed him to experience it. I imagined that at the moment this picture was taken, [[[]]] had hit with the children on some point of Doctor Seuss. I guess I shouldn't vulgarize it in this way, but I can remember when I watched TBN all the time, that they reported laughter of this kind overwhelming Pentecostal congregations in Canada. If you wanted cough cough cough to accept the experience as real but not divine or supernatural as the context sests, then you'd have to explore psychological terms group hysteria or maybe even meaningful coincidence.
When I looked at this picture to begin with, I didn't understand why two images of the president's wife are shown. Until the day I scanned it cough cough pause cough cough and the Lloyd Cole bus driver who has come back has started a chewing motion. but maybe cough cough he's just having no he just popped his gum softly they always start with a lot of no's when the end a moment or two of peace I thought the editors had intentionally said something about pop the two cue ball's pop that have to hit before the universal will can stand delighted in the sight of the agora, pop we the people cough cough I sometimes think they do that to take personal credit throat clear hmmm It must be that male who wears shorts and shoes without socks who I haven't been able to characterize who is coughing at me. I thought it was someone behind me but I just looked and there is no one there. That's a common mistake I make, though, and the almost Lloyd Cole bus driver waif isn't doing it so it is probably him. I can't see the table with hmmm the student age, young and fragile looking Asian female, so I can't tell whether the males are still over there. A Ted just showed up and sat over there with the un-characterized male. He's probably there to sest personal and private possession of Dr. Seuss for the people whose sense of fair play has been offended by me in order to form a more perfect union

cherry, pink and lime green

cherry, pink and lime green

Hero Arts blog inspired me to get off my Bu...umm DUFF and get going this morning. I was up late last night making comments and other important things (eating cookies), so I was being lazy about getting up today. Today is my only day off this entire week (translates to ..oh feel sorry for me please). But then it hit me, a brilliant flash of light, a beautiful cord sung by a choir of angels, and all the little woodland creatures gathered at the foot of my bed!


Up outta bed with a thunderous crash (because I don't trip lightly these days) I quickly turned on my computer and anxiously awaited the reveal of the wonderous site of a new post on my favorite blog!

And yes Virginia, I did all of that before breakfast and even before I peed!!! But trust me it, it didn't last long on the latter.

This is my submisson to the "sneakyinspiration" challenge that was introduced today. ENJOY!!! Linda aka Oz

Hero Arts stamps loveingly used: CL046 Friendship Messages
Offray ribbon
Buttons from England (thank you again Lucy)
Ladybug, flowers and misc buttons from my seemingly "always needing to be added to" stash.

clearing flash cookies

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