Repairing Disk Errors : Wheels America Wheel Repair : Windows File System Repair.

Repairing Disk Errors

repairing disk errors

    disk errors
  • (disk error) error resulting from malfunction of a magnetic disk

  • Make good (such damage) by fixing or repairing it

  • Put right (a damaged relationship or unwelcome situation)

  • (repair) restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken; "She repaired her TV set"; "Repair my shoes please"

  • Fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault)

  • (repair) a formal way of referring to the condition of something; "the building was in good repair"

  • (repair) the act of putting something in working order again

It's packed in there

It's packed in there

They packed a lot in there. We're going to remove the fan next, but first take out the screws along the edges.

Springs and 4 long screws

Springs and 4 long screws

Take out the springs near the Memory Card slots and the four long screws too.

repairing disk errors

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