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Car heater block. Solar pool heater pump. Hot tub heater wiring.

Car Heater Block

car heater block

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1938 Ford

1938 Ford

New motorcycle pix are becoming rare so here's another car.

This was my car for a while. I drove it to work in the early 80's. . in the winter too. . It was kind of fun. I was younger then. It had a SouthWind heater. It ran on gasoline that came from the float bowl of the carburetor . I tried it just once. The ingiter buzzed and the plug sparked and gas dribbled out all over the floor mat.

It never did stop very well and water was getting in the oil. No body died. Last I saw it, it was painted maroonish purple with a matching velour interior, a small block chevy motor, automatic tranny, and real brake-fluid brakes.

This is a scanned print.

1956 Ford "Customline"

1956 Ford

Originally it was equipped with a radio...heater...vacuum wipers...272 Y Block V-8 and 3 on the tree tranny
Now its equipped with a 351 Windsor V-8...front disc brakes...power steering... am/fm radio with cassette and a remote control CD Changer...electric belts and AOD Transmission

car heater block

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