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Thermal Photo Printers : Digital Photo Keychain India.

Thermal Photo Printers

thermal photo printers

    photo printers
  • (Photo Printer) A photo printer, also called snapshot printer, is a computer printer that is specifically designed to print high quality digital photos on photo paper. These printers usually have a very high number of nozzles and are capable of printing droplets as small as 2 picoliters.

  • (Photo printer) In computing, a printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copy (permanent readable text and/or graphics) of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies.

  • An upward current of warm air, used by gliders, balloons, and birds to gain height

  • A thermal garment, esp. underwear

  • of or relating to a hot spring; "thermal water"

  • rising current of warm air

  • relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"

Ticket printing

Ticket printing

Boca ticket printer doing its thing.

We printed our own T/F tickets this year for the first time. Previously we'd gotten the Blue Note to print them for us. Tickets came to us in batches grouped by movie title; these batches were placed in the ticket box pigeonholes. Then, box office people would hand-select the appropriate tickets to fill reservations. Hence the "torture device" reference in the previous photo -- it took about 400 person-hours to pick all the reservations from the box.

Our new online reservation system (despite some bugs) & the Boca thermal ticket printer allowed us to print tickets in reserved blocks, grouped by pass purchaser and passholder. No more hand-picking! We can print about 1,000 tickets per hour. So the complete run will end up being about 15-20 hours. Next year we'll have ticket stock preprinted with our logo and festival dates, so the print speed should be somewhat higher.

The printer has an optical sensor that reads the black bar on the back of each ticket, which tell the cutter where to slice. It's quite the gadget. The printer actually belongs to Ragtag (despite the T/F sticker on the bottom). At the Ragtag ticket booth, it'll be vertically mounted so the tickets pop up out of the slot. In this photo, the printer is upside down, so that the printed tickets will stack in the right order.

Fun fact -- the thermal print head is rated for 60km of print. That's more than 400,000 tickets, or about 30 True/False festivals at our current size.

PTFKiosk-OHS-09252008 009

PTFKiosk-OHS-09252008 009

Passage to Freedom kiosks installed at the Ohio Historical Society lobby on 9.25.2008. Uses our EasyShip XL kiosk and custom software from Electronic Art. This photo shows the ESP power protection device inside and the thermal roll printer from Zebra printers, integrated with the kiosk.

Passage to Freedom kiosks installed at the Ohio Historical Society lobby on 9.25.2008. Uses our EasyShip XL kiosk, custom signage and custom software from Electronic Art.

thermal photo printers

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