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Latest Wireless Technology : Wireless Mic Clips.

Latest Wireless Technology

latest wireless technology

    wireless technology
  • Wireless communication is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of enhanced electrical conductors or "wires". The distances involved may be short (a few meters as in television remote control) or long (thousands or millions of kilometers for radio communications).

  • technology that allows the digital instruments to wirelessly communicate information

  • Belonging or taking place near the end of a particular time or period

  • in the current fashion or style

  • Doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time

  • Denoting the advanced stage of a period

  • the most recent news or development; "have you heard the latest?"

  • up-to-the-minute: up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date; "the news is up-to-the-minute"; "the very latest scientific discoveries"

Technology & economic growth

Technology & economic growth

"Until the late 19th century, China and India were the world's two biggest economies.

Before the steam engine and the power loom gave Britain its industrial lead, today's emerging economies dominated world output.

[...] In the 18 centuries up to 1820 these economies produced, on average, 80% of world GDP. But they were left behind by Europe's technological revolution and the first wave of globalisation.

By 1950 their share had fallen to 40%."

Brush Aerial, Calthwaite, Cumberland

Brush Aerial, Calthwaite, Cumberland

Gimmicky wireless aerial, popular in the 1920's and 1930's. Absolutely useless as an aerial, and did nothing more than extend slightly the vertical wire to which it was attached.

A few feet away is mounted the latest digital satellite dish, and it was interesting to contemplate the juxtaposition of eighty-odd years' difference in wireless receiving technology contained in a couple of square yards.

latest wireless technology

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