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Guitar Music For Smoke On The Water

guitar music for smoke on the water

    guitar music
  • The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number but sometimes more, are attached.

  • Guitar Music is a 1981 album by guitarist Leo Kottke. The album is all solo guitar played on a Gibson J-45 and a Lundberg-Martin 12-string.

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KJ Denhart by Helene DeLillo Photography

KJ Denhart by Helene DeLillo Photography

"Album No.9 is about freedom.” says KJ Denhert. There also is a numerology connection as to how and when the album was recorded; production began on Sept. 9, 2009, continued over the course of nine months with nine musicians, and has nine songs. "My life-path number is 9," says KJ. In less than a year of its release on Sept. 9, 2010, KJ's music video of ALBUM No.9’s yearnful "Help" is becoming a minor hit on youtube. She interprets the Beatles' standard as a plea to the world, because of the many tragedies that were complicated due to man’s inhumanity and greed, most recently in Haiti, Louisiana, and Japan. Other classics on the album are "Alfie;" "Pennies From Heaven,” "The Shadow of Your Smile," and "Smoke on the Water."

The reggae anthem "Choose Your Weapon," which won the 2010 Independent Music Award for ”Sing Out for Social Action," "Let It Go," and her first song in French, "Chanson Baz Bar" are three of ALBUM No.9's originals that have become favorites of KJ's fans.

This November, KJ will be celebrating 15 years fronting her own band KJ Denhert and the New York Unit. But, her career dates back to the '60s when she first started playing guitar at age 10, listening to Sergio Mendes and John Hartford, “As I advanced, books by James Taylor and Joni Mitchell were my first official self-study as a guitarist.”

As a young woman in the ‘80s she played guitar and sang with an all-female band called, “Fire” touring throughout North America and Europe. She also spent time in Cleveland, founding and fronting the group, “Cyclone Sisters.” Upon moving back to NY City in 1997, she formed the “NY Unit.” Since then she’s recorded and toured non-stop, playing overseas as an eight-time artist in residence at Italy’s Umbria Jazz Festival, at prestigious events including The Rochester International Jazz Festival.

KJ is the founder of recording label, Mother Cyclone Records. She was named a winner of the Kerrville New Folk Song contest in June, 2006 for "Private Angel" and won the Mountain Stage New Song contest later that summer for her composition, "Little Mary." The Album, ANOTHER YEAR GONE BY, LIVE won the 2006 Independent Music Award for Best Live Performance.

Ferd's First Electric Guitar

Ferd's First Electric Guitar

This is the first electric guitar I ever owned. It was purchased from a Montgomery Ward catalog (or maybe the base exchange catalog, I forget).

Again I was in Puerto Rico and after taking lessons in the summer of '73 I started bing my parents for an electric. I think this was a Christmas present in '73.

This guitar came with an amp that had a little 4 inch speaker in a cardboard box. I could play Smoke on the Water and wipeout on the low E string.

guitar music for smoke on the water

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