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Three Components Of Investment

three components of investment

Downtown West section 2 redevelopment plan

Downtown West section 2 redevelopment plan

"Proposed future land use."

Excerpted from the city of Hartford's 2008 redevelopment plan:

General Purposes of the Project

The primary goal of the Downtown West Section II (Union Station – Walnut Street) Project is to remove obsolete and blighted buildings from a critical perimeter area of the Downtown and create a development opportunity for mixed use and transit-oriented development (TOD) that will support the initiation of commuter rail and bus service at Union Station, bridge the physical barriers between the insurance industry campuses and the western end of Downtown Hartford, provide retail, residential and commercial space to serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods, and reinforce the public and private investments that have already been made in the vicinity of the Project Area.

The West Section II (Union Station – Walnut Street) Redevelopment Area is well-situated between the core area of Downtown Hartford, Union Station and The Hartford insurance company corporate campus. However, the disjointed nature of the properties in the Project Area, due to topography differences and the physical barriers presented by I-84 and the railroad tracks, presents unique challenges for redeveloping this area. It is appropriate that this Project Area be developed in three different components: the vacant Capitol West office building, the former surface parking lot for The Hartford insurance company, and the portion of the Project Area with frontage along Edwards Street and Walnut Street.

In terms of future land use, it is envisioned that the Capitol West office building be redeveloped as a transit-oriented development possibly including structured parking and a pedestrian connection with the corporate campus across Spring Street to support Union Station’s transition to a commuter rail and bus station. The large surface parking lot formerly utilized by The Hartford could also be developed as transit operation support space including parking that would serve nearby uses. Finally, the portion of the Project Area along Walnut Street could be upgraded to improve existing uses or for small-scale commercial uses, including retail, food service/restaurants and service establishments, to serve the new Public Safety Complex and the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Additional surface parking could be provided behind these businesses, particularly as part of the redevelopment of the two parcels at the intersection of Walnut Street and Edwards Street.

This Plan serves as a mechanism to achieve the above goals and incorporates several policy recommendations of the City of Hartford’s Comprehensive Plan of Development and the Downtown West Study. These goals and recommendations include:

Expansion of Hartford’s property tax base
Improvement of public safety and the image of Downtown as a secure environment
The creation of linkages between Downtown and other Hartford neighborhoods
The implementation of efficient and convenient mass transportation, vehicular circulation and pedestrian movement systems
Improve conditions by removing blight

inside of the picture you saw earlier of the three grillz this whats behind them

inside of the picture you saw earlier of the three grillz this whats behind them

This is the finished sound system i instsalled into the cabinet it was two ? however big car stereo speakers i bought for a good deal from miers/walmart, and a mini subwoofer i stripped and wired into the system. all three of these were tied, screwed and velcroewed into the base of the cabinet just behind the marquee. on the other side all you can see is the speaker grills the protect the speakers. pretty cool huh? oh yteah all this stuff was wired down to a 100 buck stereo reciever i bought at radio shack. man that was good investment. gave me the best quality possible.

three components of investment

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