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Book Hotel Australia

book hotel australia

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Oaklands Hotel

Oaklands Hotel

The Oaklands Hotel at Oaklands, NSW.

I needed petrol when I got to Oaklands. The only bowsers in the town were real museum pieces, at a business across the road from the pub. They were built into the footpath and had the old mechanical numbers, none of that new fangled digital stuff.

The owner, who was a terrific old bloke, did the driveway service bit - he had to, there was a padlock on the bowser and he had the key. Only one of the two bowsers was open. The old bloke had closed the other one, he'd worked out it was delivering 5 litres of petrol but only clocking up 4.2 litres on the dial.

The old bloke said he only keeps the last bowser open to help out the older locals and travellers like me. The only other petrol available within about 50km was out the back of a trucking business. It worked on an honour system. You filled your tank, wrote the meter reading in the book and paid for what you used. They'd had a bit of trouble with a truckie who helped himself to 800 litres. They caught him on the security camera.

One of the most entertaining petrol stops I've had.

Gungellan Hotel

Gungellan Hotel

The TV series McLeod's Daughters was filmed in the town of Freeling in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. I've never watched an episode of that show, so I knew nothing of this before I visited Freeling.

Freeling wasn't called Freeling in the show, it was called Gungellan instead. They seem keen to cash in on the name Gungellan. This pub used to be called the Railway Hotel but has now changed its name to Gungellan Hotel.

Page 340 of the book "Offbeat Australia" by David Astle. Note that he mistakenly calls the town Greening in the book.

book hotel australia

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