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Inflatable sports equipment - Medical equipment kansas city - Antiques farm equipment.

Inflatable Sports Equipment

inflatable sports equipment

    sports equipment
  • equipment needed to participate in a particular sport

  • Words Covered: bat, ball, helmet, baseball cap, glove, skies, skateboard, baseball, racket, shin guard, net, knee pads

  • Sports equipment is a general term for any object used for sport or exercise.

  • designed to be filled with air or gas; "an inflatable mattress"; "an inflatable boat"

  • A boat or dinghy that may be inflated when needed; Any other structure, artwork etc. that is inflated; Able to be inflated or blown up

  • (Inflatables) 7 oz. vinyl wrap with an air blower to produce a balloon-like sign.

  • Capable of being filled with air

inflatable sports equipment - Sevylor Inflatable

Sevylor Inflatable 108 Inch Mothership Island with Clutch Towable, 108 Inch

Sevylor Inflatable 108 Inch Mothership Island with Clutch Towable, 108 Inch

It Feets a complete party in one package! The Sevylor Inflatable Island with Docking Clutch Towable provides a place to float and hang out, and a fast-riding towable for thrills. The 108 Inch-diameter island features inflated backrests for comfort, a center dipping hole, loading ramp, and convenient built-in cup holders. When you Feetre ready for some speed, the Clutch Towable holds 2 people, with neoprene knuckle guards and an anti-abrasion pad for a comfortable ride. It Feets made of durable 23-gauge PVC with a 420D nylon cover. The Towable docks onto the Island with Sevylor Feets easy Park FeetN Feet Play system. Both inflatables are guaranteed not to leak, thanks to Sevylor Feets exclusive Airtight System, and feature Double-Lock Valves to prevent accidental air loss and ensure quick, easy inflation and deflation.

A complete party in a floating package, the Sevylor Mothership Island is the perfect place to hang out with friends on a sunny day. Bundled with a Sevylor Clutch towable, the Mothership Island's round, 108-inch-diameter inflatable platform acts like a cross between a floating dock and an inflatable pool mattress.

The Mothership Island includes inflatable backrests and a center dipping hole for comfort.
When inflated, the island offers ample space to relax, letting you and several friends sun, stretch, or dry off after a swim. The Mothership Island includes such additional comfort-enhancing features as inflatable backrests, a center dipping hole, a loading ramp, and handy built-in cupholders.
When you're ready for some speed, you can turn to the Clutch two-person towable, which trails behind a speedboat to provide an edge-of-your-seat good time. The towable is made of 23-gauge PVC with a 420D nylon cover, ensuring a puncture-proof performance. Sevylor added neoprene knuckle guards and an anti-abrasion pad to guarantee comfort, along with a Park 'n' Play system that docks conveniently to the Mothership Island after your ride. Other features include Sevylor's exclusive Airtight System (guaranteed not to leak), Double-Lock valves to prevent accidental air loss, and a 90-day warranty.
About Sevylor
The road from Sevylor's founding in 1948 to its current role as the dominant supplier of a wide range of inflatables--such as kayaks, boats, and towables--is a long one, with plenty of original inventions and innovations along the way. Established in a city suburb of Vitry, France, by electronics engineer Berco Grimbert, Sevylor originally built electrical accessories, with a sideline business dedicated to using its high-frequency welding machines to manufacture PVC consumer goods. The first inflatable to receive rave notice was a small bathtub called the Dou Dou. Perfect for postwar France, the inflatable tub was portable, convenient, practical, easy to clean, durable, and, best of all, affordable.
After moving to the picturesque Alsatian village of Buhl, the company expanded into developing valves, pumps, boats, inflatable pools, and a variety of water toys. In the ensuing years, Sevylor first developed a PVC that had "memory"--meaning it could return to its original shape regardless of temperature--and then made history by releasing an inflatable pool mattress with a headrest and circular pockets. In 1986, the company invented the Ski Bob, a real turning point in the evolution of the towables business. Today, Sevylor's innovative designs include tenders, hunting and fishing boats, specialty boats and kayaks, towables, snow tubes, air beds, pool floats, river tubes, swim and sport rings, and more.

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Tesco's Car Park

Tesco's Car Park

Tesco's runs Tesco Computers for Schools for which it won the 'Cause Related Marketing Award for Excellence and Example of Best Practice bestowed by an outfit called Business in the Community.
This is what Andrew Simms in Tescopoly says about it..
"'Not immediately obvious is how much money you have to spend at Tesco to benefit from the scheme. Vounchers to exchange for equipment are available at limited times during the year (although for running the scheme Tesco gets the publicity benefit all year round). In order to get one of the mid-rank computers on offer, you have to spend around ?250,000. Similarly astonishing figures apply to Tesco's scheme supplying sports equipment to schools. To get a pack of three tennis balls, available from any average online retailer at around just ?1.25, you would have to spend ?1,130 at a Tesco supermarket. A pair of plastic inflatable armbands for swimming would set you back ?840; a football, ?2,200; a hockey stick, ?2,360; and to get a trampoline for your school, you would have to buy just under ?1 million worth of Tesco groceries. This is one expensive bounce."

Dahi Handi: The top

Dahi Handi: The top

The lightest also usually means the youngest.. kids are the ones that crown the pyramid. Most handi's are set way too high, so build your pyramid, salute the crowd and then collect your reward based on the number of levels.. 6-7 level is considered very good.
Safety equipment is world class;inflatable life jackets, foam helmets and elbow guards.

inflatable sports equipment

inflatable sports equipment

Kwik Tek 3-Tube, 3-Person Inflatable Hot Dog

Hot Dog - --F E A T U R E S- 1 to 3 riders 3 deluxe handles and neoprene knuckle guards Kwik-connect Three vinyl air chambers Airead multi-valve 8.5' long x 44" wide

Enjoy a fast, safe glide across the water with this three-person Airhead Hot Dog inflatable towable. It features three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers fully encased by a double stitched 1,680-denier nylon cover, three neoprene seat pads, and deluxe nylon wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards to keep your hands safe and comfortable. Rope hook-ups are super easy with the heavy duty Kwik-Connect system, and it's equipped with a Boston valve for the ultimate in inflating and deflating convenience. Backed by a 90-day warranty.

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