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Small Kitchen Table Sets

small kitchen table sets

    kitchen table
  • a table in the kitchen

  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.

  • Small items of clothing, esp. underwear

  • the slender part of the back

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  • on a small scale; "think small"

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  • A collection of implements, containers, or other objects customarily used together for a specific purpose

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  • A group or collection of things that belong together, resemble one another, or are usually found together

Pic 02 ~Small Set three~

Pic 02 ~Small Set three~

Down on kitchen the table!
It's a BIRD!
It's a PLANE!
It's a FISH!
NO! It's....................????
Tell ya what, be the first to comment on this photo and YOU can give it an official name. I've never given any of my pieces a name. You, even a perfect stranger can give one a name, just leave it in a comment. That goes for ANY of my pieces, so long as nobody has beaten you to it. ;-)

Phineas and the Yellow Bowl

Phineas and the Yellow Bowl

I bought a new set of nesting bowls and it turns out the smallest one fits Phineas perfectly. I keep telling him, "If you take a nap on the kitchen table, we get to play tricks on you."

small kitchen table sets

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