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Invest In My Home

invest in my home

    my home
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  • Mera Pind (which means My Home) is a Punjabi movie, released date in India on 20 September 2008, directed by Manmohan Singh and produced by Manmohan Singh.

  • Devote (one's time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

  • Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture

  • furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors

  • make an investment; "Put money into bonds"

  • Buy (something) whose usefulness will repay the cost

  • endow: give qualities or abilities to

In My Garden: Coming Home To Myself

In My Garden: Coming Home To Myself

Twice in my life, I’ve planted an extensive garden - only to have my landlord announce they were putting the house on the market. In both cases, I bought the house rather than leave the garden behind. I guess I’m what you would call a plant person.

My first job, in 1968, was at a nursery. Since then, I’ve managed retail nurseries, run a garden design business, and even owned a small organic vegetable-growing business.

When I sold my home in California, I left behind a garden that I’d invested an enormous amount of time and energy in. The yard buzzed with activity as hummingbirds and butterflies moved through colorful perennial beds, and trees I’d planted as foot-tall youngsters were now 20 feet tall, casting their shade across the back yard.

I didn’t plant a garden when I moved to Oregon. Instead of working at a nursery, I found a job at a nonprofit and spent my days sitting in front of a computer. There was a hole in the middle of my life that I couldn’t articulate, and my life felt dull and lusterless.

That changed this spring, when a neighbor generously offered to till up three garden beds in my yard and helped me to reclaim a vital part of my identity. I am a gardener once again.

This year, I’m eating vegetables I’ve grown myself. I know where the garter snake in my squash bed lives. I’ve marveled at the delicate green arabesques of broccoli heads as they go into flower, and spent an afternoon watching a cicada emerge, shiny and new, from its cast-off skin. I’ve come home to myself here in my garden, and it’s a joyous homecoming.

My new Strobist kit container

My new Strobist kit container

After adding up the dollar value of all my lighting gear and finding out that it costs more than what I paid for my SLR body and walk-around lens, I decided that "cram everything into a little nylon pouch" is no longer an acceptable option.

I invested in a Pelican 1500 case. Built in my home-town of Torrance, CA - these cases are just about the toughest case you can buy. I routinely ship $30,000 prototypes for my day job in them - those damn cases had been deployed to just about every former soviet republic, every country in the pacific rim, most of western Europe. They had collectively survived the shipping department of the US Navy, Russian customs, and TSA inspection monkeys. Unless I wanted to find myself flying on short notice to Siberia to fix a prototype ... it's being packed in a Pelican.

At $129 it's not cheap - but neither are the pocket wizards! And quite honestly for how expensive PWs are, their built quality is absolutely sh*t. Sink marks on the injection molded case, crappy plastic with not enough internal ribbing... Anyway, this might be a bit overkill - I need to rig another sling to clip to the locking latches and see how well it carries slung over my shoulder with the rest of my equipment pack. But it sure is nice, with the fitted foam inserts, waterproof gasket, pressure equalization valves...

I'm such a geek.

invest in my home

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