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How To Motivate Weight Loss

how to motivate weight loss

how to motivate weight loss - Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Coach Approach: How to Motivate the "Thin" You

Weight Watchers Coach Approach: How to Motivate the

Everyone knows that regular exercise and sensible eating are the key to long-term weight loss, but getting started and staying motivated to do both can be a challenge. If hiring a personal trainer isn't an option, Weight Watchers Coach Approach can help provide the guidance, support and information you need to succeed.
Coach Approach provides the latest information on nutrition basics, weight-loss drugs, strength training, and aerobic exercise. It also provides up-to-the-minute tactics and advice for changing and rearranging your eating and exercise habits. It includes questions to help you determine your fitness level, as well as whether you're mentally ready to lose, and more importantly, control your weight.
In addition to the physiological aspects of weight loss, Coach Approach addresses the emotional and psychological issues as well, including body image, maintaining motivation, setting realistic goals and rethinking food attitudes. One section even features solid advice and how-to's on how to develop a sense of style when the body is a work in progress. You will learn how to navigate the supermarket and give your kitchen a makeover. As a bonus, there are 75 easy recipes for favorite dishes -- think of them as the only recipes you'll ever need. With Weight Watchers to back you up, motivation and staying power are sure bets. Coach Approach will give you the tools you need to devise a weight loss strategy that works for you.

Coach Approach from Weight Watchers is a personalized weight-loss plan with information about nutrition, exercise, and motivation, and with psychological pointers to help you understand how to overcome your barriers and succeed at losing weight. First you look at whether you are really ready to lose weight through self-tests that help you examine your attitudes, eating patterns, roadblocks, body fat, and body image. You learn nutrition and exercise basics, the facts about weight-loss supplements and gimmicks, how to get the most from an aerobics class, and hints for dressing in a stylish and flattering manner. The cooking section shows you how to create a "lean, mean kitchen," and includes tips for shopping. All the information is sensible, practical, and up to date. More than 70 heart-healthy recipes include traditional dishes like Quick Classic Meat Loaf and Spaghetti Bolognese, comfort foods like Peanut-Butter-Caramel Sandwiches (20 percent fat) and Chocolate Mousse (30 percent fat), and modern fare such as Sun-Dried Tomato-Tofu Dip and Lemon-Lime Swordfish with Mango Salsa. The nutritional breakdown for each recipe gives calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, calcium, and the points allotted by the Weight Watchers 1𠂻 Success program. A handy spiral binding lets the book lie flat for writing and cooking. --Joan Price

80% (12)

365-34 WTF!!

365-34 WTF!!

Yeah that IS my leg. And, apparently, MY spider vein. Damn it. I am very pissed off now. And yet, somehow I don't feel motivated to work out just now, I am only mad. And frusterated since the only way to rid myself of this horrid rear leg crap is to workout. I actually like to workout, I love how I feel (and the weight loss isn't bad either). I just don't have time to do it, but maybe I'll just have to suck it up and start working out at night again. That is the only "me" time I will have free. Damn it.



Dreams are something that we only do big as children. We all dream to be president or a famous movie star. As we grow older we forget how big those dreams can be and how that can truly motivate us to continually become better. Craig Holiday reminds us to dream big. She once thought she didn't dream because she was too old, until Craig showed her that we never truly stop dreaming.

how to motivate weight loss

how to motivate weight loss

Weight Watchers Start Living, Start Losing: Inspirational Stories That Will Motivate You Now

Many of us have strled with getting a grip on eating, exercise, or health habits, breaking the yo-yo diet cycle, or overcoming a complicated relationship with food. Now Weight Watchers, one of the world's leaders in providing weight-loss information and services, opens its doors so readers everywhere can read the motivational stories of people who've lost weight successfully-and changed their lives along the way. Start Living, Start Losing shares 100 stories of everyday people and celebrities who reveal in compelling, moving, and sometimes humorous detail their journeys toward slimming down.

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