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Flower Girl Dress Shops : Flower Hair Accessories Wedding

Flower Girl Dress Shops

flower girl dress shops

    flower girl
  • a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession

  • A woman or girl who sells flowers, esp. in the street

  • Wedding ceremony participants, also referred to as the wedding party are the people that participate directly in the wedding ceremony itself.

  • A young girl who carries flowers or scatters them in front of the bride at a wedding; a child bridesmaid

  • a woman who sells flowers in the street

    dress shops
  • (dress shop) boutique: a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry

flower girl dress shops - Pink Tulip

Pink Tulip Flower Fairy Dress. Size Sm (1-3)

Pink Tulip Flower Fairy Dress. Size Sm (1-3)

This fairy costume is made of shimmery pink organza cut at the base into simple scallops...perfect for your little fairy. It has a pink china silk underskirt slip below two layers of sparkling organza. The bodice and straps are made of pink stretch velvet. The skirt is highlighted at the top with six iridescent petals and three pink and white pansies. The dress has no velcro or zippers to frustrate your little one or snag the fabric. She can easily put it on and take it off herself as the bodice is made of a very stretchy velvet. This not only helps with ease of dressing, but also to accomodate a variety of sizes. As with all of our dresses, it is washable, wearable and made to last

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Tasha goes NEW Dress Shopping!....to cure the missing-Brena-BLUES!!

Tasha goes NEW Dress Shopping!....to cure the missing-Brena-BLUES!!

Trying to pass the time and console little Tasha, while missing her dearly-departed (temporarily!) new Sis, Brena, while at "Camp Melacacia".....I decided we should do some NEW dress shopping!...yippee!!....And WHERE ELSE, but Chris' NIPPYKAT shop (e*sy)!!

So ever-BEAUTIFUL little Tasha was VERY GOOD & PATIENT, as she ALWAYS is.... while modeling her new lovely dress finds!

BUT....yes, there's a "but" here!...hehe!....I could sense her loneliness still....POOR, SENSITIVE little Tasha could NOT be consoled, even with the most LOVELY new NIPPYKAT dresses, of all things! I knew this was SERIOUS!!! But (another "but"!), as we're leaving the dress shop, we walked by the most DARLING little pet shop. I just happened to look at Tasha and saw the BIGGEST smile on her face.....ALMOST as BIG as the smile she had when she first met her new Sis, Brena! She had stopped dead in her little tracks and was STARING in the pet shop window!

Aha!...*light bulb goes on in my noggin*!! So I asked Tasha : "What have we here, Tasha?".......

Tasha: "Oh, Mommy! Look at those SWEET little white puppies!!....One of them even has a grey ear!....*BEAMING*....Oh Mommy, can Brena and I have them?....PLEASE!!! I'll help you take care of them...and when Brena comes back, we'll BOTH help take good care of them!"...*Still BEAMING* : D

Now, what else could I possibly say to that? This SWEETEST of SWEET little girls, whose spirit is finally lifting from missing her new Sis....and all because of 2 darling little white puppies! She EVEN thought of Brena, and how the puppies would be hers, too! Tasha is the most dear little girl!

Me: "Oh, Tasha honey....I think we might be able to accommodate these little darlings.....If that will TRULY make you HAPPY again" : D

Tasha: "Oh, yes Mommy, YES!! I just LOVE them!!"....*puppies wiggling all over and licking her face*...."And see, Mommy, they really LOVE me, too!!" *BEAMING ever so broadly*! : D

Okay, so I caved, but who wouldn't....come on! And Brena will be thrilled, too, ....a SWEET SURPRISE for her when she comes back home to her NEW Mommy (me!) and her NEW sis........NEW puppies!! HOPEFULLY the puppies will help console Brena, too, when Tasha heads off for "Camp Melacacia".....when she gets back!

STAY TUNED!!.....COMING UP!.....Tasha models MORE of her NEW NIPPYKAT dresses.....LUCKY girl! ; D

girl's dresses

girl's dresses

I just finished a bunch of these and added them to my Like My Dress shop

please see my profile for more info :)

flower girl dress shops

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