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Iron Maiden Flight 666 Soundtrack - Cheap Airline Tickets To Phoenix.

Iron Maiden Flight 666 Soundtrack

iron maiden flight 666 soundtrack

    maiden flight
  • the first flight of its kind; "the Stealth bomber made its maiden flight in 1989"

  • The maiden flight of an aircraft is the first occasion on which an aircraft leaves the ground of its own accord. This is similar to a ship's maiden voyage.

  • sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film

  • Soundtrack is a live album by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd recorded at The Town Hall in 1968 by the Charles Lloyd Quartet featuring Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure, and Jack DeJohnette.

  • A recording of the musical accompaniment to a movie

  • A strip on the edge of a film on which the sound component is recorded

  • A soundtrack can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, television program or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film or TV show; or the physical area of a film that contains the

  • a heavy ductile magnetic metallic element; is silver-white in pure form but readily rusts; used in construction and tools and armament; plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood

  • press and smooth with a heated iron; "press your shirts"; "she stood there ironing"

  • cast-iron: extremely robust; "an iron constitution"

  • Smooth (clothes, sheets, etc.) with an iron

  • * Chertsey Abbey is founded. * Barking Abbey is founded. * Wilfrid returns from France freshly consecrated as Bishop of York. * Muawiyah I accedes to the position of Caliph.

  • 666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13/18) is a double album by psychedelic/progressive art rock group Aphrodite's Child. It is one of the early cult albums in rock history, and is still popular among fans today. It was released in 1972, and was the primary vehicle/effort for the Vangelis project.

  • 666 is a German trance style DJ act, created by Thomas Detert and Mike Griesheimer (DJ666, also known as Mike Red). They produce a mix of house music and often include lyrics in Spanish and English. Both Detert and Griesheimer were originally the creators of Activate, a eurodance band.

iron maiden flight 666 soundtrack - Juno



Fox Searchlight Picture’s December 2007 coming-of-age comedy Juno, directed by Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking). The narrative centers on whip-smart Juno (Ellen Page, in a breakthrough role), a teenage girl faced with an unplanned pregnancy from an afternoon with the charmingly unassuming Bleeker (Michael Cera). Juno finds her unborn baby the perfect set of parents in Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner), an affluent suburban couple who are eager to adopt. Along with the total support of her parents, (Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons) Juno conquers her problems head-on, displaying a youthful exuberance that is both smart and unexpected. The film was an official selection at this year’s Telluride, Toronto, and London film festivals and received the Best Film award at the Rome International Film Festival. The soundtrack to Juno mixes classic rock favorites with indie-rock gems.
More from Juno soundtrack

Director Jason Reitman's warm, compassionate comedy about an unanticipated teen pregnancy was not only a dark horse Oscar® nominee for Best Picture, but saw this soundtrack CD top the charts just two weeks after its release. It's a collection wherein quirky, generation-spanning folk and rock choices are rooted in something more rewarding than mere eclecticism for its own sake--namely the sense of unlikely, hopeful humanity that Kimya Dawson's core songs bring to its slightly askew axis. Dawson's spotlight performances here range from a handful of decidedly twee solo cuts, to the album's key "Anyone Else But You," (her 2001 duet with Adam Green released under the Moldy Peaches moniker,) and a couple more upbeat oddballs by the singer's more recent Antsy Pants project. That effusively innocent musical core is augmented with a pair of eminently sympathetic tracks from Scottish twee-pop magnates Belle and Sebastian, then seasoned with a mix of catalog tracks that spans eras from Buddy Holly to Sonic Youth--utilizing styles as diverse as the Kinks, Mott the Hoople, and Velvet Underground--that nonetheless manage to bolster the film's tender emotions with a graceful, (if skewed,) charm that's hard to resist. --Jerry McCulley

Director Jason Reitman made a whole slew of great decisions with his justly lauded film Juno. One of them was the choice of music he used, which gave potent voice to this soundtrack companion. While all of the songs added energy and emotional atmosphere to the scenes, it was the inclusion of numerous numbers by Kimya Dawson that subtly enhanced the wonderfully drawn title character. Dawson's homemade immediacy and faux stream-of-consciousness lyrics felt like songs that the character Juno would listen to, or create. Dawson's seven (one recorded with Adam Green, her partner in the Moldy Peaches) are interspersed among a dozen other selections which straddle generations--Buddy Holly, The Velvet Underground, Mott the Hoople, Sonic Youth, and Cat Power--and moods, sequenced to flow like one delightful radio program. --David Greenberger

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Maiden Flight

Maiden Flight

Located at the livermore CA airport, the sculptor calls it Maiden Flight.

Maiden Flight 1

Maiden Flight 1

Located at the Livermore CA airport, the sculptor calls it Maiden Flight.

iron maiden flight 666 soundtrack

iron maiden flight 666 soundtrack

The Big Lebowski: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

One of the most inspired cobbled-together-from-a-stack-of-records soundtrack albums since Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski matches the goofily ramshackle spirit of the Dude, the hero of its celluloid companion. While offering Bob Dylan's luv-addled "Man in Me" together with the Gipsy Kings' redefinitive "Hotel California" and the psychedelic-era Kenny Rogers net "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)," Lebowski also gives longer play to some cuts barely sampled in the film, including Elvis Costello's "My Mood Swings." Whether taken as a Coen brothers mix tape, a one-album CD carousel, or an apropos souvenir of one wiggy flick, this is a smart, eclectic buy. --Rickey Wright

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