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7 of 365: but what will I do with the box for the next 5 years?

7 of 365: but what will I do with the box for the next 5 years?

Day 7 of 365 babe-a-woman photos!
My kids and I went to Target today to buy some miscellaneous items that I even had to make a list for. Of course I forgot the list rendering it mostly worthless, but that’s another story.

Since I had only my dismal memory to rely on, I decided to walk around the whole store scanning to make sure I didn’t miss something.

For some reason, while passing the tampons in the toiletry aisle I decided to say to Chloe, “Hey rocky, in a few years you’re going to have to ask me to buy these. See that box right there? And you’re going to feel embarrassed and awkward. I just want to let you know it’s cool babe! Remember this conversation, like kind of implant it in your brain as one of those monumental moments you always remember when you get older, you know what I mean?”

Now somewhere in the 0.08 seconds between finishing this dialogue and the start of her babe-interrogation, I regretted even bringing the whole damn thing up.

“Is it like a hearing device?” … “What does it do” … “Why do only girls use it?” … “Does it hurt” … were all questions I reluctantly, um… (kind of) answered.

But when she busted out, “Where do you put it?”

That is when I basically terminated the entire discussion by saying, “Um, yeah. Hey babe check out your sister, isn’t she funny?” as Gia sat in the shopping cart with a blank expression.

But you know, I thought about it driving home. I think I came up with the best solution. Next visit to Target, I’m going to buy the fucking box with her. That’s right, toss that fucker in the cart.

Therefore, we can get that whole uncomfortable weird “pre-teen bleeding need tampon but really embarrassed to ask Daddy” thing out of the way right now. So when she actually needs them, it won’t be as much as a big deal.

… to be continued (yes I’m serious).

February 20th, 2010

7 52WeekProject

7 52WeekProject


Okay. So here I am today ... at Target. I don't normally wear my sunglasses inside, but I had a migraine and the light was bothering me. We (me and my kids) go to Target. A lot. Sometimes we just walk up and down all the aisles checking things out. We play with toys we don't intend on buying. And then we usually get a snack at the cafe and head home. It's a thrice weekly ritual.

For this photo, I placed my camera on one of the shelves in the toy aisle. I'm sure the people shopping around us thought I was nuts!

buy photo shop 7

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