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A Steep Climb

A Steep Climb

Date: 03/03/2006 Time: 08:55 PM Visits: 18
A Steep Climb
This is the cash counter of the South Indian joint where I have my frugal breakfast the ingredients of this frugality compensates in satiating my thought process that I fart out on my blog post..
I can think of nothing that could make me brainy at this stage , yeah I agree like the Italians I use Olive oil to cook all the pasta inthe cauldron of my cerebrum.. .. not share a bum.. thats another story.
I oil my head with pure imported Olive oil.. this is not a tale of two Italian cities Ciampi and Berlusconi...dont scratch your head .. they are heads of state.. President and Prime minister.
Where was I..well this little girl child has ordered Seera she was getting impatient and started climbing the Cash Box ..we call it GALLA.. or cash counter in Hindi ..
The picture is a bit unfocussed but so is the future of the girl child.. I only photographed the belligrency when she will become a woman and climb and shit all over Man.. even light a taper to his cash or whatever what remains of his predoomed masculinity...
I am a storyteller , my pictures tell a story my words engrave the story trying to chisel it on your stone soft hearts..
I was here at Flickrs introduced to this site by a Fotothing member Magic Eye ..I posted pictures but my heart was in love with a reflected image at Buzznet..
I was mired in my own moodiness I deleted my Flickr account recently...I do not have the energy anymore to flirt my thoughts from one flower of a site to another..
So I have decided to brave all cybernetic storms I have dry docked myself at Flickrs once again , to get my inner mind mechanism reoverhauled, also edit old thoughts , luckily I am not in love here I have mellowed you can say a bit less harshly...
I still dont know what fascinates me to mature American Women , I am not into pre teens..
Though my Muse at Poem Hunter was an exception healing her wounds of a rape of ethnicity .. the American Way..
Anyway my poems were a tribute to her fight back against a system that was made to destroy Woman Hood, I wrote a poem for her called Cradle Rape...
A true story of a guy who took his neigbours crying child 10 months or 6 months old, trusting him the mother handed over the child, well he shut her up , he raped her and fled...
He was caught feigned insanity he flew the cuckos nest..he belonged to a Sufi order , so they wanted to save him and save the backlash that would fall on his religion.
Yes Man is selfish when it comes to safeguarding honor of his religion..this is the worst jehadi assymetrical terrorism.
Girls hounded by a puritanical Wahhabi alleged youth who did not want them to pursue further studies..this is a case going on at Nagpada , the gentleman Ansari a police informer ...
These are stray incidents..moral policing , culture vulture brigades ,who have more power than an impotent law and order adminstration..
In most cases the law and order blindfolds itself..
teachers faces blackened with ink , without waiting for a verdict from the investigative agencies or the court of Law a man is condemned forever...
It turns out the girl who alleged she was molested by the teacher did this out of revenge for her bad report card..
I mean the system sucks..
People just walk away...move away nobody wants a Change..

My pictures are mundane part of a photo gallery of life I am not into Photography , I am a Photo Blog that cries a human pain..

Joy Of Sharing!

Joy Of Sharing!

Love Nature : Catch Them Young!
Sunset, Images of Bengal, India

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photo sharing blogs

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