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Studeni 2011 (13)

05.11.2011., subota



Good Editing Photo Sites

good editing photo sites

    photo sites
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  • Well

your wake up call

your wake up call

This picture was taken with the intention of another idea.. but then I thought of this instead.

Tonight Mark took me to see "Revolutionary Road." I thought it was really good acting and I enjoyed it a lot. I love going to the movies!!! Even if the movie is bad, it's still worth going for the popcorn. Ha

This was fun to create.. I got the picture of the clock from a stock photo site and edited it a little.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have work.. that's more than a little bit depressing. And it's hard for me to not think about it because the alarm clock keeps reminding me of what time it is and that I need to go to bed.. eep!!!

Good night Flickr.


homme ducan edited

homme ducan edited

i saw this on photo-contest site of d.o.d. i can't remember who made this and posted it but he / she could be have a good look :| good hair, and outfit of ducan, is not hard to make it - simple but unique and nice too :| i want to try :D

good editing photo sites

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