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80s fashion party : Pakistani fashion pics.

80s Fashion Party

80s fashion party

    80s fashion
  • While in the 1970s, the silhouette of fashion tended to be characterized by close fitting clothes on top with wider, looser clothes on the bottom, this trend completely reversed itself in the early 1980s as both men and women began to wear looser shirts and tight, close-fitting pants.

  • A social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment

  • A formally constituted political group, typically operating on a national basis, that contests elections and attempts to form or take part in a government

  • an organization to gain political power; "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"

  • a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"

  • A group of people taking part in a particular activity or trip, esp. one for which they have been chosen

  • have or participate in a party; "The students were partying all night before the exam"

80s fashion party - 80s Neon

80s Neon Funk Adult Costume

80s Neon Funk Adult Costume

Dress up as a famous 80s pop star diva at your next party in our adult 80s Neon Funk Costume. All you need to bring along is your big hair and sassy attitude! Our 80s Neon Funk Costume includes a pink and black velour leopard print dress with attached three layer ruffle skirt consisting of black lace over neon pink net over bright pink lycra. Turn on some Cyndi Lauper and bring back the days of color, volume and abundance. Our 80s Neon Funk Dress Costume will have you feeling funky and fabulous! Wig, gloves, leggings, shoes not included.

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Three partygoers

Three partygoers

photographs from the 80s party in Villa Park, celebrating 80s fashion!

80s night partiers

80s night partiers

From a 1980s party in Villa Park, California.

80s fashion party

80s fashion party


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