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Good Fashion Ideas

good fashion ideas

  • Use materials to make into

  • make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

  • characteristic or habitual practice

  • manner: how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"

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  • Well

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good fashion ideas - 'feel Good

'feel Good Factory' on Looking Gorgeous

'feel Good Factory' on Looking Gorgeous

The internet, email and mobile technology have given birth to an 'instant gratification' society. It's almost impossible not to find yourself drawn into it. With this in mind "The Feel Good Factory" has been created. "The Feel Good Factory" is a collective of hard working writers and authors who are always on the job to bring the people what they want: helpful information that's verbiage-free, gets straight to the point, is easy to navigate and most importantly is actually pertinent to them. What comes off the production line are beautiful, helpful books that people actually enjoy looking at and reading. "Head-turning, Eye-popping, Jaw-dropping Quick Fix Beauty Secrets" is a beautiful book. Linda Bird clocked in early on many a morning to produce it. She reveals how every woman can unlock her own 'wow' factor, and feel confident and gorgeous - every day, everywhere, every way. A dash of confidence, a savvy wardrobe and a handful of great make-up and grooming tricks can work wonders.

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abel ilocos fashion exhibit

abel ilocos fashion exhibit

By: Jean-Pierre Pardo

Abel Iloco is a fabric locally crafted in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Three Baranggays in Vigan (Camangaan, Mondoro and San Pedro) is best known to be the center of abel weaving. Abel weaved products can be locally found in Vigan’s souvenir shops located along Crisologo Street and Vigan Public Market. Abel-weaving involves the use of a wooden handloom and other accessories. The wooden handloom was the equivalent of a sewing machine in the past. The material used to make the abel fabrics are cotton yarn locally called “sagut”. The northern Philippines, particularly, grew cotton plants whose flowers were then intricately and lengthily processed in the homes to produce yarn. On the whole, abel-weaving follows a very intricate process – from preparing and dyeing the yarn, to arranging different colors of yarn to produce the desired design, and operating the wooden handloom with the synchronized movement of both hands and feet.

Abel Iloco products includes:

• Bed Covers
• Pillow Cases
• Mosquito Nets
• Bath Towels
• Robes
• Hand Towels
• Place Mats
• Table Napkins
• Runners
• Hand Towels
• Clothing

Abel Iloco is a wonderful local fabric which is a good textile for Pinoy fashion industry. The idea of achieving uniqueness and experimenting different modern styles by using native fabric for contemporary clothing collections will give our Pinoy textile industry a boost. Abel Iloco fabric will be providing fashionistas with modern design and opening their ideas to Filipino fabric, giving them an impression of sophistication and elegance to our own local material.
The use of Abel Iloco in Pinoy clothing is a new and upbeat style for the modern woman which is something fresh in today’s Filipino couture. This contemporary wear will carry and promote our native fabric with its material which is cotton, and generate income to its industry. Also, it will re-explore the richness and vibrancy of our native fabric and our own culture. Plus it does re-incarnate our native fabric and will whet the market’s taste for it. Pinoy designers has the challenge to create new styles that would suit the modern Filipino woman’s lifestyle by providing them elegance, comfort and sophistication in every single piece with the use of Abel Iloco.

A massive use of Abel Iloco fabric in Pinoy fashion scene is something to look forward to in today’s Philippine couture, & hopefully also in the world. Abel Iloco, a fabric for the contemporary wear of the modern Filipinos.

Synopsis: Abel Iloco, a fabric for the contemporary wear of the modern Filipinos. This Pinoy fabric will be providing fashionistas with modern design and opening their ideas to Filipino fabric, giving them an impression of sophistication and elegance to our own local material.

Fashion Sketch

Fashion Sketch

I've been drawing a lot lately, for a hobby. My mom is an artist and I've been drawing my whole life practically, but now I'm trying to get better and I have a reason - I love fashion sketching and would love to design clothing, not necessarily a line, but at least for myself so I can sew them. I'm not as good at people but hopefully getting there. ;) Now I just need to work on translating a drawing to a sewing pattern, lol. This one isn't my design, it was a dress I saw and drew, but unfortunately I haven't got the foggiest idea where it was from. =P

good fashion ideas

good fashion ideas

10K Gold and Silver 7 Stones Hoop Diamond Earrings (GH, SI3-I1, 0.50 carat)

10K white gold and Sterling Silver 7 Stones Hoop Diamond Earrings (GH, SI3-I1, 0.50 carat)

These beautiful and trendy 7 Stones Hoop Diamond Earrings are gorgeously set in shimmery sterling silver with sparkling icy white diamonds and the posts are made with strong 10k White Gold. The unique design and excellent craftsmanship - beautifully mix with two metal finish - matt and polish finish, which makes these hoop diamond earrings stand out from the rest of classic hoop earrings.
The measurement of the hoop earring is: 24mm (diameter)

Adult Signature Required upon delivery. Please arrange an eligible recipient at home to receive your order. Thank you.

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