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8 string banjo mandolin : Download acoustic guitar tuner.

8 String Banjo Mandolin

8 string banjo mandolin

    banjo mandolin
  • The mandolin-banjo should not be mistaken for the banjolin (which has only four strings), though their names are sometime interchanged. The mandolin-banjo is also known by its French name, "banjoline", but should not be confused with the Banjoline designed by Peabody.

  • Confusingly. August Pollman. USA had a  a 5string banjo produced with a mandolin body circa 1895 (Pamela's collection) A modern version now on the market called a banjola

  • thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string"; "thread dried cranberries"

  • Be arranged in a long line

  • a lightweight cord

  • Thread (a series of small objects) on a string

  • Hang (something) so that it stretches in a long line

  • bowed stringed instrument: stringed instruments that are played with a bow; "the strings played superlatively well"

  • eight: the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one

  • Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching covers to the resulting text-block.

  • eight: being one more than seven

Help - I've been tagged!

Help - I've been tagged!

16 things about me

1. I was born in Glasgow in 1955. Scottish, European, British even - don't call me English! As an "honorary Portuguese" I get to vote in local and Europpean elections (and I do) but not for the parliament or the president. Not fair!

2. I'm married to Diana, my companion for the last 19 happy years.

3. I don't have children, but spend most of my working week teaching English to other people's kids. I think this helps me stay young.

4. I really enjoy teaching kids, especially in the 10-12 age group. And some former students are now grown up and still friends.

5. At other times I think they put years on me!

6. Things with strings! I love guitars, banjos, mandolins, cavaquinhos and the like. I'll never be a great player but it's given me a lot of pleasure and made friends.

7. Guitar gurus - Ry Cooder and Stefan Grossman have taught me a lot. I love Jimi Hendrix (playing as I write), Buddy Guy, the Kings (BB, Albert and Freddie) and a number of folk and blues players alive or dead.

8. I've kind of grown out of pop and rock music. What do Ilisten to? Blues, Jazz, Folk; music from Greece and the Balkans; Gypsy music from all parts; Cuban and other Latin music; African music . . . there's a whole world out there! I confess to preferring Lisbon fado to that of Coimbra.

9. I read a lot - usually with a work of fiction and one of non-fiction on the go at the same time. At the the moment - Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie (re-reading) and (just finished) a biography of George Orwell.

10. Favourite writers (dead): Robert Burns, James Joyce, RL Stevenson, Dickens, Eca de Queiroz (deserves to be world-famous!), Anthony Burgess . . .

11. Favourite writers (alive): William boyd, Ian McEwan, Jose Saramago, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende and lots more.

12. Films - two idiosyncratic favourites: Nic Roeg's psychological horror-thriller "Don't Look Now" and Billy Wilder's "Some Like it Hot" ( I have most of the dialogue by heart!)

13. I love cooking. My mother inspired me at an early age, and my first teaching job was in Italy, where lots of people wanted to teach me the ONLY way to make risotto, etc. . . . (but it was always different). I still cook lots of Italian food.

14. I love walking and the outdoors. In the holidays I prefer the mountains to the beach. Every weekend we try to escape to the countryside, and living in Coimbra its not too difficult.

15. I love to travel whenever possible. I'm a great fan of islands - Madeira, Azores, Canarias, Cabo Verde, S. Tome . . . Fell in love with Cuba some years ago, especially Havana and the countryside around Vinales. Didn't have digital camera in those days! There are still so many places to discover.

16. Thanks to Flickr for opening up the world a bit more and introducing me to new friends across the world!

Tagged - Me 10 years ago

Tagged - Me 10 years ago

16 things about me, as I was tagged by Rose and several other friends:
1. I studied with the Open University for my degree;
2. I play guitar, and used to play in pubs and clubs in and around London. I have also played various other instruments, including mandolin, concertina, 5-string banjo, and Appalachian dulcimer;
3. I was divorced before I met Rose, and went through a breakdown;
4. My favourite ever TV program is Kung Fu, starring David Carradine;
5. I have a black belt in karate, and used to instruct;
6. I love photography - having had a plastic Coronet roll-film camera in my childhood (thanks to my Uncle Phil), I began "serious" photography with a Zenit SLR in the early 70's (I still love heavy cameras!);
7. I have run several half-marathons (but not for some years now); now I love walking;
8. My father was a manic depressive and a boxer - I miss him;
9. I love all dogs, but I think Jack Russells are the best dogs in the world;
10. I have lived and worked abroad in France and Germany, and I love trying to learn foreign languages, although I am not as good as when I was younger;
11. I did not learn to drive until I was 42;
12. I am an IT Support Engineer by trade;
13. I love drawing and painting, although my eyesight is deteriorating a lot;
14. I would love to own a printing press for block prints;
15. I would love to write a book;
16. I love my partner Rose, my sons Peter and Daniel, Rose's children Duncan and Verity, our dog, Terence, and Trevor the Tortoise : )

8 string banjo mandolin

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