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How To Make Aquarium Filter. Hydor Canister Filter

How To Make Aquarium Filter

how to make aquarium filter

    aquarium filter
  • Aquarium filters are critical components of both freshwater and marine aquaria.Leibel WS (1993) A fishkeepers guide to South American cichlids. Tetra Press. Belgium pg 12-14. Aquarium filters remove physical and soluble chemical waste products from aquaria, simplifying maintenance.

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September Food For Thought.

September Food For Thought.

Today was a good day, and I can't believe that it's September, already! Time really does fly, jeeze!

Anyway, my main focus for this month is to ease myself in to transition. By this, I mean to find new ways to challenge myself physically, mentally, and socially (hehehe, PMS *giggles*) for ways to better myself and overall health. I believe my Flickr page is my only site out of my social network and the like that I have not mentioned my transition.

I am currently transitioning my life in such a way that I'm not critical of myself to the point of incredible tension and unnecessary stress, and to be more open and friendly towards others, and to be a good friend, as well as an overall good person and become more well-rounded. Ever since my trip to Cali, something, not sure what, definitely changed and has motivated me to do so. Because after seeing all there is to see (in the very small section I was in), I want to accomplish some pretty big things in terms of hiking and rock climbing and diving. So, each month, I'll be putting together a list of goals, probably between 5 and 10 of them.

I also am trying to enhance communication and leadership skills. As a future educator and/or journalist, I have to be competitive, but show it in a humble and professional way. Also, to better improve how I interact, talk, and communicate with other people. These goals for September are:

- Get MINIMUM 8 - 9 hours of sleep EACH night. No excuses. (Well, except another 4AM fire drill).
I mention this one because like any multitasker insomniac with an anxiety issue, sleep doesn't come too easily. I believe this will definitely help ease my mood, as well as put me in a relaxing place and a stress-free and worry-free zone for a while. It can only be good, right?

- Drink 64oz of water MINUMUM each day.
I have a real problem with dehydration, so I'm upping my water intake and putting my Brita filter to the works. I took a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods for some nifty things, including two sporty 32oz Nalgene 'Everyday' water bottles. They're the only good ones I've seen that are plastic and not steel.

- Find Part Time Work.
This one I've been going at since I got here. But, I'll spill it over in to this month. I'm a poor college student with a LOT of ambitions and desires to challenge myself. But, that requires money! After my textbook bill, unless I get a job, I won't be doing much of anything any time soon.

- Volunteer.
I'm actually still in progress on this one. One reason is because it's a requirement for the Honors program and even more so for those that sit in the Honors Council, such as myself. But, also to enhance my leadership skills and to improve communication skills. I have also joined Extreme E.L.I.T.E, which is the 'extreme sports' group on campus, but is widely known for enhancing leadership skills and building teams. I will be volunteering on Friday afternoons at Dimple's Care Center to be with and aid children with abuse and disabilities. I also have a few positions to choose from at the Florida Aquarium. We'll see how it goes!

- Exercise MINIMUM Five Days a Week.
Lately I've been waking up around 6:00 or 6:30AM naturally. I poked in the gym a few times and found it to be quite vacant, so, I'm just going to make that my new morning place.

- Play BACH.
*hisssss* I haaaaate Bach. But mostly because I'm a bit biased on Baroque Music in general. So, in order to 'broaden my horizons', so to speak, I will be playing Bach's flute Suites as well as Sonatas for a student recital mid-semester. Don't worry, my junior recital is next semester!

That's all I have for now.

But, I've made it midweek of my first week at UT, and my schedule isssss *drum rolls*
8:30 - 9:40 - Sociology and Social Problems.
10:00 - 10:45 - Theory V.
10:51 - 11:20 - Brass Techniques.
2:30 - 3:45 - Spartan Band.
4:00 - 4:50 - Student Recitals / Guest Symposia.



Day Three.

Our day, once again, started with Starbucks. Tommy got a coffee and I got my new favorite iced tea (Venti one pump raspberry sweetened iced black tea). We headed down to Pike Place in search of something to eat and ended up at Beechers. We got amazing grilled cheeses there. Beechers makes their own cheese and I don't even know how to explain it. It was yummy and creamy and just amazing.

We made our way down by the aquarium and decided to do the bay cruise first. The cruise was awesome. It was about an hour, but we learned a ton about Seattle and got to see California Sea Lions just hanging out.

After, we did some shopping at one of the shops and went to the aquarium. The aquarium was so cool. It was all salt water and none of the saltwater was "man made". There is a constant cycle of bay water being brought in, filtered, put into the tanks, filtered and put back into the bay. We saw all the fish, the Pacific Octopus (which is the world's largest octopus and now featured on the new Bing commercial), sea otters & lions and seals. It was so much fun.

After the aquarium, we went to The Crab Pot for lunch, which was yummy. We went back to the hotel and I don't remember the rest of the day. I think we just hung out around the hotel and didn't bother with dinner and just snacked on what we had in the room.

how to make aquarium filter

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