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Photo fun studio - Personalised photo folders - Salman khan photo 2011.

Photo Fun Studio

photo fun studio

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Steph - Studio Work

Steph - Studio Work

Been playing with the studio for the last 2 days solid now. Done 3 shoots today, one with my grandmother, one for a customer (graduation shoot) and one for my cousin Steph here. Taken using the D300S, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 at f/10 1/125 using two Phottix DGS 150 Strobes, first closest to model at 45 deg on 1/8, second behind model left (picture right) 1/4 power, ith SB600 1/64 straight on against black muslin background. I used a Hoya 52mm 81B Warm Up Filter didn't want any photo-shopping at all so decided to do it "in/on camera" for a change ! Nadine was waving the reflector up and down to create movement in Steph's hair - came out alright - was the effect I was after shame I cropped the ends of some of her hair out of the frame - ah well ... learning circle.

This is straight out of camera - loaded it into CS4 RAW convertor and no adjustments made ! Saved to jpeg - hey pressto.

[ redux ] ...or time for another photo shoot!

[ redux ] ...or time for another photo shoot!

Remember this? Last november we gathered once again, rented a studio and had a blast shooting until dawn (ok it was only 11pm but you get the idea...)

Time to do it again this coming friday with different people but the same crazyness and some booze (wha? ya think we can come up with these pics without help?!)

Haha, kidding aside, I cannot WAIT! Now, time to remove the dust on my camera and recharge the batteries.

photo fun studio

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