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Good Exercises For Losing Weight

good exercises for losing weight

    losing weight
  • Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

  • Engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness; take exercise

  • (exercise) exert: put to use; "exert one's power or influence"

  • Use or apply (a faculty, right, or process)

  • Exert (part of the body) to promote or improve muscular strength

  • (exercise) practice: carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"

  • (exercise) use: the act of using; "he warned against the use of narcotic drugs"; "skilled in the utilization of computers"

  • Well

  • well: (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well'); "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish";

  • having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified; "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good

  • benefit; "for your own good"; "what's the good of worrying?"

good exercises for losing weight - Losing Weight

Losing Weight for Good: Developing Your Personal Plan of Action

Losing Weight for Good: Developing Your Personal Plan of Action

Each person faces unique challenges when trying to lose weight. As director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D., and his team of experts have had remarkable success in helping thousands of individuals develop successful plans of action. Each plan contains the crucial ingredients for healthy success: an attainable goal, an appealing diet, and a practical program of physical activity. Based on the latest research in medicine, psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology, the Personal Plan of Action offers a unique approach that recognizes the different reasons people gain weight—and why they have trouble losing that weight and keeping it off.
The advantages of an expertly designed Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center plan are available to those who want to lose weight on their own. Losing Weight for Good: Developing Your Personal Plan of Action helps you assess your own reasons for weight gain. With this knowledge, you can design your own personal step-by-step program for weight loss based on the approach that has been so successful at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.
This individualized approach takes into account personal differences in such areas as emotional makeup, lifestyle, family circumstances, coping style, physical health, and economic means. Unlike typical diet books that offer simplistic or formulaic recommendations for weight loss, Losing Weight for Good tells you how to develop and follow a plan that meets your own specific needs. As you read through the book, you will establish your own weight loss goals, dietary aims, and exercise schedule, while building critical skills to help you cope with temptation, frustration, and anything else that interferes with your goal.
"The basic message is this: You do not need to change everything about yourself and your life to lose weight and keep it off. You do need to identify your specific problem areas and find creative, individualized solutions."—Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D.

82% (18)

It's time...

It's time...

to exercise and lose weight!

I went to the doctor a few days ago for a check-up. It's been 2 years since I've been and I had gained 20 lbs since my last visit. Yeah, 20 lbs!!!! Also my blood pressure was a little elevated. When I went 2 years ago my tests were perfect. In fact, the doctor, who is a female a few years younger than me, said she wished her test results were as good as mine. Anyway...I knew I had gained weight. I've gained about 10 lbs in the last 6 months. I don't exercise and I like cookies so it's really catching up with me. You can't sit around and eat when you're 44.

I'm not going to document my "journey" but I will post pics and updates once in awhile.

The tape I'm exercising to is "10 Minute Solution. Dance If Off & Tone It Up." I liked the "10 minute" part. :O) It has 5 different work-outs and comes with a work out band. I did 2 work-outs... Sexy Slim Down and Dancer's Abs.... I THOUGHT I had rhythm... I was WRONG!

Wish me luck!

Weight Log as of February 6, 2009

Weight Log as of February 6, 2009

Another week of good weight loss, but not for a good reason. I have a sinus infection and have been unable to exercise for 2 weeks now due to it. Been sleeping most of the time. But for better or worse, it is still allowing me to lose weight. On antibiotics now, so hopefully all of this will be cleared by Monday or Tuesday and I can start biking again.

good exercises for losing weight

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