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Austrian Drapes

austrian drapes

    austrian drapes
  • (austrian drape) a curtain which lifts in a scalloped shape

austrian drapes - Steinklang Industries

Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006

Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006

Industrial / Power-Noise / Cold-Electronics 1.1 Drape Excrement / Soldnergeist - Black Rider 3:24 1.2 Survival Unit - Awakening & Bravery 5:08 1.3 Rasthof Dachau - A Prison Poem 4:29 1.4 Stahlwerk 9 - Dies Irae / ...Als Ich Starb 5:54 1.5 Green Army Fraction - Caste War - Back In Their Place 5:52 1.6 Painslut - Where Do You Draw The Line 4:16 1.7 Fleisch-Macht-Boese - Schlage II 4:41 1.8 Sektion B - Oklahoma City 3:39 1.9 Final Resistance, The - Strength Through Discipline 5:54 1.10 Antracot - Die Erdbewegung 4:18 1.11 Atrox - Bremse Unbrauchbar 5:22 1.12 Industriepalast - Sick Sad World 6:12 1.13 Leiche Rustikal - Nie Ma Nas 5:47 1.14 Nocturne - Fleisch Und Metall 6:56 1.15 Radio Murmansk - Not A Slogun Song 4:55 Folk / Martial / Neoclassic / Ritual / Ambient 2.1 Allerseelen - Marques De Pubol 5:11 2.2 Soulsearch - Spielmann 4:05 2.3 Werkraum - La Fee Verte 4:04 2.4 Sangre Cavallum - A Cancao Da Pedra 7:31 2.5 Concrescence - Madrigal 5:05 2.6 Thelema - Eldur Og Is 5:16 2.7 Sturmpercht - Viel Volle Becher Klangen 3:48 2.8 Tardive Dyskinesia - Controled Malefunctions 4:07 2.9 Cold Fusion - To The Bitter End 5:11 2.10 Institution D.O.L. - The Beginning Of Love With A Chainsaw 4:02 2.11 Bardoseneticcube - Deadhead 3:31 2.12 Asmorod - Abode Of The Dead 6:12 2.13 Lambitani - Pfauenauge 3:47 2.14 A Challenge Of Honour - They Came Over The Hill 5:37 2.15 Laharis - Flieg Mit Uns 5:27

88% (11)

Satin Austrian Stage Curtain

Satin Austrian Stage Curtain

Austrian curtains are perfect for use in ballrooms and for theatres. This inherently flame retardant fabric is light weight but durable.

The front curtain in a no-loft stage is sometimes rigged as a Brail curtain to achieve a faster and more-desirable lifting action than the slower motion of a traveller curtain. In this case the amount of lift on each drawline is equal, eliminating the need for the abnormal fullness of a contour curtain. When in it's lowered/closed position, a braille curtain will simply hang with the look of a regular drape with fullness. The lift lines will be strategically and evenly placed on the back side of the drape on the seams.

To add a decorative quality the curtain may have horizontal fullness added by gathering material on the vertical seams, thereby producing a series of soft swags. Best known as an Austrian curtain. This image shows an Austrian Curtain.

Typical Fabric Choices for a brail or austrian drape include Encore Velour and Flame Retardant Satin.

Austrian Drape on 60 foot wide Lift System

Austrian Drape on 60 foot wide Lift System

Austrian drapes can be built with a variety of fullness. Usually 50-100% vertical fullness is needed, and 25-33% horizontal fullness. Ideally there will not be any seams in the cloth between the lift lines. As most textiles range between 48" and 60"wide you will most frequently see Austrian drapes manufactured with lift lines on 3 foot or 4 foot centers.

In this example the drape has 50% vertical fullness and 35% horizontal fullness with lift lineson 4 foot centers. This piece is a 30 x 60'w drape.

Silver Satin is a perfect fabric for building a classic austrian curtain. It is perfect for use in ballrooms and for theatres. This inherently flame retardant fabric is light weight but durable. The decorative concert lighting makes the stage look beautiful. Silver satin will take almost any color light making it extremely versatile.

austrian drapes

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