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Arthur Minor Hockey Association

arthur minor hockey association

    hockey association
  • Hockey WA is the organization responsible for the sport of Field Hockey in the state of Western Australia, Australia. Hockey WA is represented in the Australian Hockey League competition by the SmokeFree WA Thundersticks and the SmokeFree WA Diamonds.

  • Arthur is a common male name. Its etymology is disputed, but its popularity derives from its being the name of the legendary hero King Arthur. A frequently repeated Welsh language etymology sests its original meaning is "bear" or "bear-like".

  • a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure); said to have led the Knights of the Round Table at Camelot

  • Chester Alan (1830–86), 21st president of the US 1881–85. A New York Republican, he became James Garfield's vice president in March 1881, succeeding to the presidency upon the assassination of Garfield six months later. During his term of office, he was responsible for the enactment of Civil Service reforms and for improving the strength of the US Navy

  • elected vice president and became 21st President of the United States when Garfield was assassinated (1830-1886)

  • child: a young person of either sex; "she writes books for children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British term for youngster"

  • of lesser importance or stature or rank; "a minor poet"; "had a minor part in the play"; "a minor official"; "many of these hardy adventurers were minor noblemen"; "minor back roads"

  • Lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance

  • (of a surgical operation) Comparatively simple and not life-threatening

  • (of a scale) Having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth

  • lesser in scope or effect; "had minor differences"; "a minor disturbance"

Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968) and family on Easter Sunday, 1960 or 1961

Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968) and family on Easter Sunday, 1960 or 1961

Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968) and family on Easter Sunday, 1960 or 1961.

From left to right are: Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989); Marie Elizabeth Winblad (1895-1987); Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968) and Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ) on Easter Sunday, 1961 in the Home of Helen on Grace Street in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Photograph from the collection of Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ).

Formerly Known As... Burger Chef / Arthur Treachers

Formerly Known As... Burger Chef / Arthur Treachers

Formerly: Burger Chef
Then: Arthur Treacher's

Now: Jerry's Subs
7321 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA

This is actually a two-fer. The Arthur Treachers sign is still there. But I the angled window support indicate that is was originally a Burger Chef. Driving around the backside, you can tell the roofline that is there now is fake. The original roof is similar to Burger Chef's of old.

arthur minor hockey association

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