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Prospects Girls Hockey : Canada Hockey Coach

Prospects Girls Hockey

prospects girls hockey

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009/ 8:52

Wednesday, 25 February 2009/ 8:52

Well I am a day late but none the less - here is my tribute to Mardi Gras!

Living in New Orleans taught me so much and it made a huge impression on me - not to mention it is the city from which I graduated college, met my husband, married and gave birth to our first child. The city will forever stay in my heart and return visits are always fun,

The weather today was hot hot hot - lol - okay in the 60s and the girls even needed sunblock on. We played out on the deck for a while and colored many beautiful works of art.

Evan is still feeling underthe weather, but the prospect of a hockey gane this weekend and a sleepover at a friends house has seemed to perk him up a bit!

For me, more physical therapy as usual and then an appointment with the neurologist. It has been decided that I will have a CT myelogram and see an orthopedic surgeon. The myelogram does have some risks associated with it. A contrast dye is injected into my spine. So as with any spinal injection there is concern over damaging something inthe spinal column and then there is also the risk that I might suffer from an allergic reaction to the dye. Having it in my spinal column means that the reaction could/would be magnified. Even with these dangers, the test could show if there is any compression on a nerve and give us a more definitive diagnosis to carry forward with my treatment and care.

I was also told, officially, that I am not allowed to lift anything over 15lbs. This is EXTREMELY hard for me to take. I have children. How can I NOT lift them??? Knowing this feels like a hige chunk of my independance is being taken away. This is in my heart. In my mind I know that I will adjust and learn to do things differently and the children will also learn to adjust - but then my hear kicks in, why should we have to adjust?? It just feels so very wrong and it sickens me to think of everything the children have gone through this year. It just isn't fair.

If there is anything good to come ou of their Daddy being away and my condition, I hope that it is we all have learned how to be stronger as well as understanding how precious we are to one another and how precious life and our bodies truly are.



Prospect Ave looking southbound toward downtown (not pictured)

prospects girls hockey

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