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Studeni 2011 (18)


5x7 cardboard photo holders, christian photo cards, digital photo paper, professional photo services


06.11.2011., nedjelja


Next Day Photo Printing : Mandira Bedi Hot Photo Shoot.

Next Day Photo Printing

next day photo printing

    photo printing
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    next day
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I ordered a bunch of stuff from and I am totally thrilled with the results. Ordered Sunday night late and did next day shipping (very reasonable) and they arrived this morning! Everything looks great! I think I will probably see if they have printer color profiles so I can color correct myself and send them over. On the framed image it came out looking ever so slightly color corrected instead of holding all of the green tint I originally put into the edit. Overall, nice. On the other 4 images the color looks PERFECT.

Print for Auction

Print for Auction

Someone (Hi, Martha!) sested this would be a great item to put in the Bloom! Auction. It feels kinda strange to see this print sharing display space with $2000+ sculptures and other fantastic pieces of art and craftsmanship.

I'm not sure what it went for because we were in Galena on the day of the auction. Someone said they heard a bid call at $80, but they weren't sure if that was a high bid or call for next bid so not sure how it ended.

next day photo printing

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