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Boat Steering Wheel Cover - Water Wheel Electricity Generation - Mattel Hot Wheel Cars.

Boat Steering Wheel Cover

boat steering wheel cover

IMG 0027

IMG 0027

Sources and Helpful Links

Continuous Wave – The best site on the internet for Boston Whaler information past and present.

Boston Whaler Materials

Seats, Risers and Console – Mahogany from SJ Lumbermans, Inc.
Bow locker cover – Spanish cedar from SJ Lumbermans, Inc.
Wires, Teleflex Steering Cable, Teleflex linkage kit, Teleflex rotary helm, Drain tube, Rub Rail – Twin Cities Marine
Gelcoat – Spectrum
Preval Sprayers – Bodi Company
Fiberglass cloth – I chopped up 6 oz. cloth, US Composites
Fiberglass resin and hardener – “gel” resin that is already thickened from Pep Boys, and Fiberlay used for Resin and hardener
Stainless hardware – BoatUS
Meguiars #44 Color Restorer, 3M Finesse It II, Collonite Boat Wax – Shoreway Marine
Penetrol – BoatUS
Battery – Marine Starting EverStart from WalMart
6 Gallon Fuel Tank – BoatUS
Fuel Line and Bulb – only use genuine OMC parts from local marine store
OMC engine products – Engine fogging oil, Engine Tuner, Gearcase lube and pump, 2+4 Fuel Conditioner/Stabilizer, Carbon guard fuel additive, Triple guard grease – Outboard Wizard
Steering wheel paint – White gloss Rustoleum from Home Depot
Steering Bezel and mounting bracket – Teleflex bought from a friend who could not use. This will be replaced with a welded 35 degree bracket and the original chrome bezel next summer.
Bow locker bungee and Harken block – BoatUS
Fuse, Fuse holder, Marine grade lug terminals, terminal block, 3-way light switch – BoatUS
Bow Light – K-Mart
Stern Light – used original chrome mounts but bought new Perko from BoatUS. Broke off by tubing tow line.
Boston Whaler Decals and Numbers – Janice at Magic Brush, Deland, FL, 386-736-1142
Aluminum angle - .375” thick, 3” x 3” sides, I cut down one side to 2” – Joseph Fazzio Metals
Transom Fill – 8 pieces of .25” thick birch plywood laminated against a birch plywood laminated mold conforming to transom curvature – birch ply from Home Depot. Painted with color matched white and blue exterior Behr paint from Home Depot.
Varnish – Home brew of 1 part Pure Tung oil, 1 part Turpentine and 1 part McCloskey’s Spar Varnish. Wiped on and removed after 30 minute soak. 10 coats.
Polish for bow pin and Norman pins – Brasso from Home Depot

IMG 0055

IMG 0055

The original metal steering wheel was sanded, cleaned and sprayed with gloss white Rustoleum paint. I wanted to use the original chrome bezel that positions the wheel at 35 degrees instead of the Teleflex 20 degree mount but did not have time to make this. Since no mounting bracket exist to hold a teleflex helm at 35 degrees, I designed one that would hold the helm under the console. I made several prototypes and finally got one that worked. Now I have to fabricate and weld up. I will have by spring 2004 because I don’t really like the teleflex plastic bezel. I sprayed chrome to make it look like chrome. I want to get the boat back to original as much as I can. Because the original steering wheel cap nut is too big to hold down to the wheel to the helm shaft, I made a fake cap nut to cover the real teleflex nut that holds the wheel to the helm shaft. I made a mold of the original cap nut and cast it with a white liquid material from Smooth On. With a rotary tool, I routed out the interior of the casting so it would sit over the teleflex helm nut. I sprayed chrome, applied adhesive and installed. The Teleflex cable used was 9’ long.

boat steering wheel cover

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