23.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Oldies BUT Goldies vol.01

Ok..so we lost...shit...greens are going next step...they deserve it or not...my opinion...is NOT....You can have luck but on 3 games...
LOOK AT THIS...ON ALL tournament..they played 4 games...

4 games : each 90 minutes = 360 minutes...
they lead how long..... fucking 9 minutes...so that is STUPID AND unfair..not like russia..they really kicked Netherland's but...clear and better...but this morrons who can "only" give fanatical behaviour...
I WILL STOP WATCH football if Germany or turkey wins euro 2008..why..? 'cause they are really not the best...Spain or Russia in my opinion..why Spain.. 'cause they are good...and Russia 'cause they play open and with heart...all 90 minutes..also one of russia's millioners said if russia goes in finals, he will buy mercedes for each croatian player...22 of them...plus Slaven Bilic(You know why)..ah i just want that the best team wins..i know we were inexperienced and we pay the FULL price..but also check this out(copy paste of my mail send to my friend in Portugal)...
".... really I don't have anything against turkey-but too see those kind of football...same shit like Greece....they just don't deserve the 1/2 finals...

Now i really WANT that Russia or Spain won 'cause if Turkey or Germany won the euro 2008..i will STOP watching football...REALLY!!!

I'm soo mad..ok referee had some wrong decisions...for example turkish player HAD TO GET red card when Klasnic score 'cause he deliberately wanted to stop the ball with his HAND!!!!! that HAD TO BE instant red card....also that shit with exchange..after Klasnic scored Bilic TWO TIMES called for last exchange which would gave us that last 30 seconds before the end...but ok...referee ALWAYS makes some stupid errors...and we lost 'cause we was celebrating and gave an oportunity to turkish players who took what we gave them...

is it funny or not..

Winner of group A .... eliminated
Winner of group B......eliminated
Winner of group C......eliminated..."


Humate - The best of....
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 Humate Love Stimulation (Love Mix)
02 Paragliders Paraglide (Humate Remix)
03 Humate & Rabbit In The Moon East
04 Humate & Rabbit In The Moon East (Humate Remix)
05 Humate 3.1
06 Humate 3.3
07 Humate Sound (Parboiled Edit)
08 Spicelab Feather (Humate's Flying High Remix)
09 Humate 1996 (Part 1)
10 Humate 1996 (Part 2)

pass: ygagega


Emmanuel Top - The Collection
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01.Turkish Bazar [Future Breeze Mix]
02.So Cold
05.Cosmic Event
06.Turkish Bazar [Original]
08.Turkish Bazar [Acrid Abeyance Mix]
09.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love [Emmanuel Top Remix]


ARGH:..this is GOOD this is the best...which one?

Humate Love Stimulation (one of the BEST trance(german style) EVER
Humate 3.1 (when this song came out..shit..i can almost feel it all the emotions i had)
Spicelab Feather (one samle of Oliver Lieb's genuinity)
Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar (PURE EMMANUEL)
Emmanuel Top - So Cold (PURE EMMANUEL)
Emmanuel Top - Rubycon (PURE EMMANUEL)

Shit this man invented his own style...what an ACID...Top's acid..and then to starts to create shits like he did...I STILL CAN'T BELIVE THAT IT IS THE SAME MAN...what happened Emmanuel? same like i can belive when i saw Sebastien Tellier on Eurosong 2008 in belgrade...but that i can understand, the man is... well.... aaa.. eccentric

At the end i ask You just one thing, smoke some shit and then play 1st song from Humate album!
Of course this is for those who never heard it...ah...i envy You..You will experience something beautiful...when electronical music had heart and soul...it was pure...it was underground...my end periond is 1995-1996..that was the end of underground electronical music..or RAVE...we old people know what is RAVE(not musical style) :)

16.06.2008., ponedjeljak



It is sooo nice to be Croatian these days...we are in quater finals..we tonight once again showed to whole world how we play football...tonight game vs. Poland wasn't in ANY way important for us, but we won...we didn't calcuate in any way except we were resting our BEST players and that is really normal..now these friday like 500 years ago..we must stop Turkey...if You don't know or You question after my comment(500 years ago), well then Croatian small army stoped Turkey Beg(main commander) and saved Europe and Catholicism...as we all know, where ever Turkey came in, first thing they did was to commit rape and to "gently" change religion of conquered nations...ok this is really 0,00% logical, but that is normal..we must pump our motivation...hehehe..

Soooo Croatia Croatia Croatia...

p.s. we also proved how our supporters are one of(if not) the best on Euro 2008!!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

09.06.2008., ponedjeljak

another try----

GLR001 Ltj_Bukem
GLR002 Ltj_Bukem_and_Tayla
GLR003 Ltj_Bukem
GLR004 Ltj_Bukem
GLR005 Dope
GLR006 The_Invisible_Man
GLR007 Parallel_World
GLR008 Ltj_Bukem_and_Peshay
GLR009 Aquarius
GLR010 Pfm
GLR011 Peshay
GLR012 Pfm
GLR013 Aquarius_and_Tayla
GLR014 Chameleon
GLR015 Good_Lookingce_Direct
GLR016 Pfm
GLR017 Axis
GLR018 Intense
GLR019 Blame
GLR020 Artemis
GLR021 Blu_Mar_Ten
GLR022 Total_Science
GLR023 Blame
GLR024 Motive_One
GLR025 Artemis
GLR026 Big_Bud
GLR027 Voyager
GLR028 Seba
GLR029 Second_Vision
GLR030 Alaska_and_Nucleus
GLR031 Cedar_and_Biowire
GLR032 Big_Bud
GLR033 Phd
GLR034 Q_Project
GLR035 Rantoul
GLR036 Makoto
GLR037 Rantoul_and_Intersperse
GLR038 Ltj_Bukem
GLR039 Bjorn
GLR040 Big_Bud
GLR041 Intersperse
GLR042 Intersperse
GLR043 Rantoul
GLR044 Nookie
GLR045 Intense_vs_Lacarno
GLR046 Blu_Mar_Ten_vs_Akira
GLR047 Nu_Moon
GLR048 Cascade_vs_J_Laze
GLR049 Makoto
GLR050 Intersperse_vs_Nu_Moon
GLR051 Various_Artists
GLR052 Pete_Rann_vs_Pariah
GLR053 Avid_Nation_vs_j_Laze
GLR054 Nookie_vs_Pariah
GLR055 Makoto_and_Akira_vs_Intense
GLR056 Greenfly_vs_J_Laze bpm
GLR057 Soul_Purpose_vs_Intense bpm
GLR058 Nookie_vs_Intersperse
GLR059 Soul_Purpose_vs_Pariah
GLR060 Laroque_vs_Vice_Versa
GLR061 Various_Artists
GLR062 Various_Artists
GLR063 Vice_Versa
As i really don't have time to put link with EACH rls., all links You can find here...

05.06.2008., četvrtak

part 02

As one of visitors send me mail with quick question... "why don't have any posts with Drum n Bass?"

So i started to think...really why..ok i'm really not into d'n'b music, but here and there i found something i really liked...You can call it "ambient d'n'b"..my main problem is that i really don't like "too fast" music..when music is too fast..i start to have nervous thoughts and i feel uncomfortably..i don't know why but that is just as it is...hehehehe...

So one of few people i know i d'n'b scene is LTJ Buckem..and this is his label..so enjoy Paul in this...(i hope)..well You can always use juno or beatport to check it before download/purchase..so do that please..or chech it on Good Looking audio site..or support Croatia on EURO'08 hrvatska ...ah...4 days left...(for people in US or anywhere where football or socer is not 1st sport in everyone heads..i'm sorry 'cause for rest of us..FEVER starts in meeee and i can't wait for Sunday when Croatia plays vs "home_team" Austria...
If You are from England please wish me luck..it's really not bed if You are eliminated from Euro 2008 from better team...(sorry but i just couldn't resisted)..reason...'cause England always thinks that they are the best and they will won on World Champ. or Euro...ALWAYS:..well if nothing else..I KNOW Russia will cheer for us...enough of that..noow Paul's wish..

Good Looking Records presents...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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04.06.2008., srijeda

Good Looking Records stands for... d'n'b

as i have problems with this fuckin domain...i must post this twice 'cause it's not showing 1/2 of post?!?

...and last wish from mail(i don't like it)..
DJ-Kicks presents Hot Chip
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 Grovesnor - Nitemoves
02 Positive K - I Got A Man
03 Gramme - Like You
04 Subway - Persuasion
05 Soundhack - B1
06 Tom Ze - Cademar
07 Hot Chip - My Piano (DJ-Kicks)
08 Wax Stag - Short Road
09 New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Remix)
10 Young Leek - Jiggle It
11 Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In The Basement
12 Black Devil Disco Club - On Just Foot
13 Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker
14 Grauzone - Film 2
15 This Heat - Radio Prague
16 Wookie - Far East
17 Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper (Live)
18 Marek Bois - You Got Good Ash
19 Lanark - The Stone That The Builder Rejected
20 Pete Um - The Man's Got Me Beat
21 Noze - Love Affair
22 Audion - Just Fucking (Remix)
23 Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out
24 Ray Charles - Mess Around

pass: iRis


I like this a LOT..A L O Z....

Chris Liebing - Selected Remixes Of The Last 10 Years
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

CD 01
01. Deichkind feat. Sarah Walker - Ich Betaube Mich [rmx]
02. Motor - Sweatbox [rmx]
03. DK8 - Murder Was the Bass [rmx]
04. Alloy Mental - Fire [rmx]
05. John Starlight - Bloodangels [rmx]
06. The Horrorist - One Night In NYC [rmx]
07. Dj Rush - Get On Up [rmx]
08. Ignacio - Virton [rmx]
09. The Advent - Tresor West [rmx]
10. Stanny Franssen - Data Strings [rmx]
11. Henrik B - Manwolf rmx 2 [rmx]

CD 02
01. Golden Age [Smith & Selway rmx]
02. American Madness [Alex Bau rmx]
03. Klark [Speedy J rmx]
04. The Biggest Ten Inch I Have Ever Seen [Major Rush rmx]
05. Gassenhauer [Ian J Richardson rmx]
06. Disorder and Chaos [Titanium rmx by Felipe & Nicolas Bacher]
07. Oktober [Ben Sims rmx]
08. Bossi [Steve Rachmad rmx]
09. Gassenhauer [Marco Carola rmx]
10. String Theory [Picotto & Ferri rmx]
11. Bossi [Adam Beyer rmx]
12. C.Liebing& Ben Sims - Sambal Olek [Cave rmx]


If You don't know a lot about Chris Liebing...You can listen this here and there(google it) ..what to say..a long time dj and producer who was "picked" up by S.Vath probably in legendary club OMEN(my guess), but love ended in 2002 when Chris opened his own BOOKing...a clever guy....ah yeah..You would like also a pass for this rls..here is it

@the end some nice art from this rls.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


02.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Thank You Malik!!!!!

Yes..there are still people that REALLY read what i write on this blog..and especially if i search for something like i did and Malik simply sended mail with X-NICE comment and with a link!!!!

So thank You MALIK!!!!! (i wrote all that i think in my mail to You)..

Ok so as i sign in..i will post some music..

First from Ninja Tune records...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bonobo - Live@Merlin (budapest 2007)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Intro
02. Dismantling frank
03. Days to come
04. Nothing owed
05. Ketto
06. If you stayed over
07. new song?(Animals?)
08. Walk in the sky
09. Noctuary
10. The Plug
11. Flutter
12. Recurring
13. Nightlite
14. Transmission94
15. Between the lines
16. jaming...

Genre: downtempo, nu jazz

If You need some audio clips from Bonobo...go on beatport and search for him....You have numerous rls.


Bonobo - Dial "M" for Monkey
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Noctuary
02. Flutter
03. D Song
04. Change Down
05. Wayward Bob
06. Pick Up
07. Something For Windy
08. Nothing Owed
09. Light Pattern



9 Lazy 9 - Paradise Blown
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. 5AM
02. Shak
03. Turn Me Loose
04. Edit
05. Black Jesus
06. All Aboard
07. Summer
08. The Herb
09. Brothers of the Red
10. Take Nine
11. Spoonful of Slow
12. Bad Boy
13. Not Nice
14. Interleud
15. It's Late
16. Gossip/Bad Boy
17. Lotto Jisco

Originaly released in 1994..re-released in 2003


Unkle - More stories
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Serene
02. Heaven
03. Tumstyle blues (autolux) (surrender sounds sessions #4)
04. Opened dreams
05. Blade in the back
06. Can't stop
07. Synthetic water
08. A wash of black
09. Burn my shadow (radio slave remix)
10. Hold my hand (buckley boland even better days remix)
11. Burn my shadow (surrender sounds sessions #5)



Rory Hoy - Cosmic Child
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Abstract (Intro)
02. Life On Other Planets
03. Sunandt Hestars
04. The Journey
05. The Final Frontier
06. Twilight
07. Hypnotease
08. The Edge Of The Ocean
09. Urban Suburban
10. Shelter
11. Endless Sunsets

audio clips

That is it...i made this post ONLY due to Malik...so thank You once again!!!

bye and enjoy in quality and ONLYmadeFORpeople(not money)MUSIC

ah..then due to Malik here is again some trip hop future jazz bla bla bla rls. as this all post is eclectic...not normal like rls. formely posted here.

Unforscene - Fingers and Thumbs
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Belly Full Of Lead
02. See The Light feat. J Todd
03. Don't You Worry feat. Alice Russell
04. 68 On Third
05. Sidewinder
06. So Long feat. Nick Young
07. This Is London
08. Tango In Dub
09. Scene 5
10. I'm Just A Prisoner
11. Unbroken feat. Deborah Jordan
12. The Journey
13. Dangerous feat. Phil King
14. In Persuit Of
15. Do It feat. Alice Russell
16. Miracle feat. The Big Hit Unit
17. Fkovski
18. Let It Ride feat. Epcot
19. Alright
20. Dirty And Dark
21. So Fine feat. J Todd

audio clips


VA - Verve remixed vol.4
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Cry Me a River - Truth & Soul (remix, featuring Dinah Washington)
02. Gimme Some - Mike Mangini (remix, featuring Nina Simone)
03. There Was a Time - Kenny Dope (remix, featuring James Brown)
04. California Soul - Diplo (remix, featuring Marlena Shaw)
05. Take Care of Business - Pilooski (remix, featuring Nina Simone)
06. Bim Bom - Psapp (remix, featuring Astrud Gilberto)
07. Everybody Loves the Sunshine - 9th Wonder (remix, featuring Roy Ayers)
08. Tenderly - Mocky (remix, featuring Anita O'Day)
09. Dilo Como Yo - Antibalas (remix, featuring Patato & Totico)
10. Evil Ways - Karriem Higgins (remix, featuring Willie Bobo)
11. Tea For Two - Chris Shaw (remix, featuring Sarah Vaughan)
12. I Get a Kick Out of You - The Cinematic Orchestra (remix, featuring Ella Fitzgerald)



20.05.2008., utorak

Hello again my friends...

I'm back again...well this blog suffered due to hard situation in my life..well i'm back.. wave

I will NOT post as often(as before), BUT when i find something that is really x-nice..definetly i will post it.. naughty

So as i have this "new rule" in my book(rule no.012568) zujo , i will post one album that has really "shocked" me with quality..definetly i didn't heard something that nice, for a quite looong time..maybe too long headbang ..but that is "another" sign how electronical music scene as Laurient Garnier said in his book(and i agree 200% with him), that scene must "die" and go back in small clubs(like at the begining) in order to again become musical genre which is looking deep in the future..
I remeber how in the begining(here in Croatia..don't forget my country was in war so here we had BIG problem with "new" things that was normaly developing in world..especially our dj's had to travel in UK or Austria to buy 12", which was again BIG problem for them 'cause they were checked on border 'cause we had semi-mobilization for army..so every male person was heavily checked 'cause many guys escaped when they received army call to go to war and bla bla bla...so You can imagine how hard it was to have proper scene here...but then again we really had UNDERGROUND scene here 'cause in that time police was treating electronical scene like 100% drug users and red bull(drink), was treated as a drug(no kiddin')..in the middle of a war(1993), we had croatian first BIG proper party in catacombs under city(capitol), catacombs were old 200-300 years :) ...party was called UNDER CITY RAVE(true name hehehehe),cause we were really under the city..
Line up was (still my favourite dj) Mate Galich and Chris Dis(from Warehouse Koln), and various dj's from croatia and our closest neigbour Slovenia(Mate Galic is croatian and that is the only reason why he came in middle of a war with his friend Chris)...the entry was in old part of a city..small door and then semicircle tunnel...a LONG one..i had to walk for around a minute to come in main and only floor...when You entered instantly You were wet 'cause wather was droping from ceiling..You could feel(really feel)the bass...that was the only time in my life that my shirt was MOVING when bass kicked(cause "room" was small and semicircle and had no way to come out)..every step You made closer to main room...the bass was heavier and heavier..You really thoguht You are going in middle of planet earth(really)..no words to desribe it...no words...
Here are two videos from youtube so PLEASE check it :)
01 MTV
02 Croatian TV(lady that hosted it are curently working on croatia weekest link..skiny bitch) lol

Ok and finally the reason of this post...i present You Stryke

Stryke - The Narrowest Of Paths
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Darkest Before Dawn
02. Einsame Nacht
03. Her Eyes Are Stars (Shooting Stars At 2 AM)
04. As Long As We're Together
05. I Dreamt Of You Again
06. The Wish
07. Need U
08. As Long As We're Together (Reprise)
09. Spiral
10. Someday Soon
11. Agape
12. Her Eyes Are Stars (Acid Symphony)


and NEW EP (still it is not on discogs)!!!

Stryke - Spark and Fire EP
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01.Spark and Fire
02.No Turning Back


If anybody has Stryke rls. called Dalmatian Days EP PLEASE send me mail on ask51days@gmail.com 'cause it seems that Stryke was here in Croatia on coast(dalmatia..like the dog...)

p.s. thank You ALL for Your kind words...i still have no power to read them, but whoever thought of me...no words to thank You enough...

Over and out...

ah..let us continue..i don't know for this rls. but it is again from Plastic City so it is 50% that it's GREAT...

Pete Gust - Nightlife
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01.Pete Gust - Nightlife
02.Pete Gust - So Deep Inside
02.Pete Gust - Space For Now

still no discogs BUT check here for audio preview...

Adam Jace - Last Days in Brazil
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01. In Brazil
02. Sunburn
03. Last Days

audio preview
now really byee..it is 03.37 here..am...

01.04.2008., utorak

Sorry for not posting..

The reason is very dark for me...my father died this month after short illness unfortunately alone...but after one year thanks to my girlfriend i went to see him and i kissed him and said to him that i forgive him and that was something that he and me will cherish until my end on this world...

PLEASE ALWAYS OFFER YOUR HAND AND YOUR FORGIVENESS CAUSE THAT WILL BE SOMETHING WHICH WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE..that is true...'cause when somebody who You love dies...sudenly You realize that nothing is important except last contact with that person...
I was so lucky 'cause i had my love who told me to forgive him and that i go to hospital and told him that i love him..

So thank You DADA...You are my true love...

28.01.2008., ponedjeljak

I'm sick

Sorry for 0 posts in 2008..i have major flu..my body is disintegrating, i have high temp., major cough and so on...

Now i'm "better" but still...here in Croatia we have almost an flu epidemic and this year it is very dangerous 'cause if You're not carefull it can easily become pneumonia 'cause this years flu or we can call it flu '08, quicky "shifts" to Your lungs...

Like so many doctors says..flu is one of major proof of how viruses quickly evolves and changes or become "imune" to "flu injection" ..it is "so common" tha flu virus changes/transforms few times every year...

So i hope You are better then me and that i will very soon post some good music!!!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
p.s. it really looks nice...You can't deny it!!!

02.01.2008., srijeda

Happy New Year...2008 MUST BE GOOD!!!!

Well i really hope it will be better then past one...so i was home with my girl and some friends...nothing special(we will have this friday at friends house reprise of New Year 'cause some of us were there,some here so this will be proper celebration of all of us...around 40!!!), i will be responsible for electronical music, so i will have dj time from 01.00-03.00..yeah we will REALLY have all procedure at 00.00 like it is 00.00 but 01.01.2008., so champagne and all)..ah to continue story..so at my home it was so so UNTIL at 01.00 when i conected us to Radiohead.tv and we all watch Radiohead webcast!!! ah..the joy..the pleasure...You can imagine how happy i was when i saw Jonny on Roland 909..i again forget that Radiohead kick ass BIG time...they are not afraid to have legendary machine that is one of biggest foundations of house music...i mean to have "normal" drummer and 909(please don't even think that Linkin Park has "similar" thing...Radiohead is another dimension..another "thing", while LP is down on planet earth-sorry if i offended LP lover), we watched Scotch Mist webcast...and if You missed it or You just want to check if i'm idiot or "i'm correct" when i bother people saying that Radiohead is the best bend in past 40 years...hehehehe and maybe even more 'cause they don't use any drugs and they didn't had such a special time called "Flower Power" when almost all world tried to make a difference..today this world stinks,it's cruel and cold...back then if You were in rock bend, You had such an energy from people..so to clarify it..i think that You must be even better artist to make something special today...imagine Radiohead in 1966 in San Francisco on something called simply LSD(if You didn't know the first trip in history was when inventor of LSD made something and he accidentally inhaled it and he didn't noticed ANYTHING 'cause there is no taste..no smell in LSD..so he jumped on his bike and went home..so he was driving on beautiful countrysides of Switzerland when he noticed that sky is pink, grass is blue and God knows what more...so that was FIRST trip in history...HAHAHAHAAHA) is really not a coincidence that Paul McCartney(we all know what Beatles made in not just music..maybe You didn't know that Beatles "invented" how rock'n'roll bend have organisation of tour(everything)or that they influenced probably 98% of ALL artists today and before) wanted to play with them...they said NO...i don't know why but they simply said NO...ok so here is Your chance to see or listen it...

Radiohead presents Scotch Mist in audio or video (video download)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Ok this is good label from Germany(tech house,minimal style)..here is almost ALL catalogue from them..they are called...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Rls. from 001 - 031

Sebo K - Too Hot

Various - Pan-Pot Mobilee Mix

Pan-Pot - Popy & Caste

GummiHz - More Gummies

Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Side Leaps / Rancho Relaxo

Exercise One - Steady Pulse

Anja Schneider – Gimlet

Pan-Pot - Obscenity EP

Pan-Pot / Daniel Stefanik - Extra EP

Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Side Leaps Rmx / Rancho Relaxo Rmx

Sebo K - Horizons

Nhar - Hexoflip

GummiHz - Select And Bounce

Anja Schneider - Lily Of The Valley

Exercise One - Debaya

Pan-Pot - Black Lodge

GummiHz - Modern Dynamic

Sleeper Thief - Chasing You

GummiHz / Sebo K - Mobilee Back To Back Rmx Vol 01

Anja Schneider / Sebo K - Mobilee Back To Back Rmx Vol 02

Pan-Pot / Sebo K - Mobilee Back To Back Rmx Vol 03

Daniel Stefanik / Exercise One - Mobilee Back To Back Rmx Vol 04

Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - August In Paris

Marcin Czubala - Super Constellation

Marco Resmann - Watercolour

GummiHz - Bar Loca EP

Pan-Pot - What Is What

Exercise One - Dark Star

Marcin Czubala - The Octopus

Anja Schneider - Loop De Mer

Marc Antona - One More Sugar

Sleeper Thief - Cenotes

Pan-Pot - Pan-O-Rama

Pan-Pot Feat. Hugh - Betcha Charly

GummiHz - Mind Games

pass: ygagega

Ok now You have "something" to do... :)


29.12.2007., subota


Ok..i lied..i told that i will not post anymore in this year but so many nice people sended me mails with nice wishes for x-mas and new year...many didn't...nice thing..only come and take...yeah...You are "nice people"..really the reason why this blog is still alive..but probably idiots will be idiots...
Ok so I WISH YOU A GREAT 2008, I HOPE FOR ALL OF US IT'LL BE A NEW START AND END FOR ALL THE BED THINGS WE DID OR STILL DO!!! PLEASE BE KIND TO PEOPLE AROUND YOU, REMEBER THAT YOU CAN MAKE A DIFERENCE...so say hello to a cleaning lady..if You have some money, give a buck or two or pound or euro to a guy who is sitting in the street, frozen, cold and alone...REMEBER that You are lucky and that You could also be on his/her place....BELIVE me that You can "fall" down really easy, it's a fine line between warm nice place and girl or guy and frozen cold street...who knows...maybe that guy or lady is more clever then You but she/he was so unfortunate and they made only ONE bed move/decision which costed them so much....belive me!!!! please

OK no more sad stories, here is some music to listen....i will post more of party music for new years eve so quality is not esential tonight, it is music for everyone...i will make exception 'cause of 2008 but i will also put some quality rls. and some ambient grooves...yeah baby!!!!

Claude VonStroke - Beware of the bird
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CD 1 [Beware of the bird]
01. Warming up the bass machines
02. Deep throat
03. Chimps
04. Beware of the bird
05. The whistler
06. Whos afraid of Detroit
07. Eastern market
08. Cicada [17 year remix of Justin Martin]
09. The 7 deadly strokes
10. Birdshit [remix of Frankie]
11. The southern draw [remix of Justin M and Sammy D]
12. Lullaby [live rec Detroit 99 new vocal by Ozen]

CD 2 [The bird retwisted]
01. Whos afraid of Detroit [Tanner Ross remix]
02. Deep throat [John Tejada remix]
03. The whistler [Aston Shuffle remix]
04. Beware of the bird [Justin Martin remix]
05. The 7 deadly strokes [Patrick Chardronnet remix]
06. Deep throat [Sebastien Leger remix]
07. The whistler [Diplo remix]
08. Whos afraid of Detroit [Audion remix]
09. Chimps [Jochen Trappe remix]
10. The whistler [Dj Assault remix]



Vintage Grooves: Funk vol. 1
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CD 1
01. The Begining Of The End - Funky nassau [original U.S. album version]
02. The Average White Band - Pick up the pieces [original U.S. album]
03. Brick - Dazz [original U.S. album version]
04. The Bar-Kays - Holy ghost [original U.S. album version]
05. The Brecker Brothers - Sneakin’ up behind you [original U.S. album ]
06. Labelle - Lady marmalade [original U.S. album version]
07. Wild Cherry - Play that funky music [original U.S. album version]
08. WAR - Me & my baby brother [original U.S. album version]
09. Sly & The Family Stone - Family affair [original U.S. album version]
10. The Fatback Band - Keep on steppin’ [original U.S. album version]
11. Curtis Mayfield - Freddie’s dead [original U.S. album version]
12. The Blackbyrds - Do it fluid [original U.S. album version]
13. The Headhunters - God made me funky [original U.S. album version]
14. The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band - Express yourself [original U.S.]

CD 2
01. The Fatback Band - Wicky-wacky [original U.S. album version]
02. The Isley Brothers - Fight the power [original U.S. album version]
03. Emotions - I don’t wanna lose your love [original U.S. album version]
04. Postitive Force - We got the funk [original U.S. 123 mix]
05. Raydio - For those that like to groove [original U.S. album version]
06. Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real [original U.S. 123 mix]
07. Earth Wind & Fire - Shining star [original U.S. album version]
08. The O’jays - For the love of money [original U.S. album version]
09. George Duke - Reach for it [dance][original U.S. album version]
10. Bill Withers - Grandma’s hands [original U.S. album version]
11. Cymande - The message [original U.K. album version]
12. Jackie Mclean - Doctor Jackyll & mister funk [original U.S. 123 mix]
13. Donny Hathaway - The ghetto [original U.S. album version]
14. The Blackbyrds - Rock creek park [original U.S. album version]



Vintage Grooves: Disco vol. 1
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CD 1
01. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - The love I lost parts 1 & 2 [original]
02. Ripple - The beat goes on and on [original 123 mix]
03. Aquarium Dream - Phoenix [original 123 mix]
04. Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. - Shine on silver moon [original 123 ]
05. Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch - One love [original 123 mix]
06. Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn the beat around [original 123 mix]
07. Musique - In the bush [original 123 mix]
08. Inner Life - I’m caught up [in a one night love affair][original 123 mix]
09. First Choice feat. Rochelle Fleming - Dr. Love [original 123 mix]
10. Black Ivory - Mainline [original 123 mix]

CD 2
01. Dr. Buzzard’s Org.Savannah - Whispering / Ch. la femme / Se si bon
02. Oddysey - Native New Yorker [original 123 mix]
03. Sylvester - Over & over [original 123 mix]
04. Cloud One - Atmosphere strut [original 123 mix]
05. Sine - Just let me do my thing [original 123 mix]
06. Bruce Johnson - Pipeline [original 123 mix]
07. Clyde Alexander - Gotta get your love [original 123 mix]
08. Samuel Jonathan Johnson - You [original 123 mix]
09. Norman Connors - Once I’ve been there [original 123 mix]
10. GQ - Disco nights [rock freak][original 123 mix]



Vintage Grooves - Dance mixes vol. 1
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Terry Lee Brown Junior - Bonzai drive
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. Bonzai drive
2. Day shift
3. Dismount

no info


Soda Inc. - Odyssey
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Exile
02. You don’t know
03. Moonlight
04. Deepah
05. Cyclops
06. Being boring
07. Cocooning
08. Horizon
09. Odyssey
10. Sunrise
11. Big love
12. Bells

no info

pass for above rls. is qemf and so on...


Robert Fripp - @ End of Time: Churchscapes - Live in England & Estonia
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. Threshold Bells: St. Paul's
2. At The End Of Time: St. Paul's
3. Evensong: Tallinn
4. Evensong Coda: Tallinn
5. At The End Of Time:broad Chalke
6. Evensong:viljandi
7. Evensong Coda:viljandi
8. Future Shift:haapsalu
9. Evensong:haapsalu
10. Evensong Coda:haapsalu



Delerium - Reflections I
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 - Monuments of Deceit
02 - Inside the Chamber
03 - Morpheus
04 - Faith
05 - Prophecy
06 - Of the Tribe
07 - Lost Passion
08 - Tundra
09 - Sphere
10 - Embryo
11 - Xi Brainwaves



Delerium - Reflections II
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 - Drama
02 - Aftermath II
03 - Certain Trust
04 - Temple of Light
05 - Fragments of Fear
06 - Embodying
07 - Aftermath.
08 - Relics (Song Of The Dead)
09 - Sybolism
10 - Dark Star


Sorry no more time, i have to watch documentarie about C.Cobain...ALSO PLUS You have Radiohead webcast at 01.00(europe time) or 00.00(Uk time) @ radiohead.tv.com or google dead air space blog of Radiohead

20.12.2007., četvrtak

last post in 2007

As i will be busy due to X-MAS and whole familly deal(lunch,dinner,church etc.), this will be last post in year 2007.
As 2007 was probably the worst year in my life, i hope 2008 will be better, i really can't take much more shit 'cause in 2007 i lost my job and soooo many other bad things...puf...

Ok no more bad news, as You know i really love Radiohead so last post will be RadioYorke post..so we begin..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
EP 1
1. And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)
2. Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix)
3. Analyse (Various Remix)

EP 2
1. Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix)
2. Black Swan (Cristian Vogel Spare Parts Remix)
3. Black Swan (Vogel Bonus Beat Eraser Remix)

EP 3
1. Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix)
2. The Clock (Surgeon Remix)
3. Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken Remix)

pass: nodatta.blogspot.com


Thom Yorke - Analyse EP
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01. Iluvya
02. A Rat's Nest


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Exit Music-Songs With Radioheads
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Thom Yorke - Eraser Remixes Part3
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 - The Clock (Surgeon Remix)
02 - Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix)
03 - Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken Remix)


Susumu Yokota - Triple Time Dance
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01 3D1
02 3D2
03 3D3
04 3D4
05 3D5
06 3D6
07 3D7
08 3D8
09 3D9
10 3D10
11 3D11
12 3D12
13 3D13
14 3D14

pass: nodatta.blogspot.com


Gorillaz - D Sides
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tracklisting and info

That is it...enjoy in new year and X-MAS..byeee

BONUS X-MAS!!!! (i was looking for this rls., this is babies lullabyes tunes so if You have baby, if You like Radiohead...then this is FOR YOU;i don't have baby but this is another view on music from Radiohead)..

Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of Radiohead
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. No Surprises
02. Let Down
03. Subterranean Homesick Alien
04. Airbag
05. Paranoid Android
06. Knives Out
07. Karma Police
08. There There
09. Everything In Its Right Place
10. Sit Down, Stand Up
11. Sail To The Moon


And if You ever wondered why Radiohead was named Radiohead(first they were called "on a friday" due to only day when they had metting and when they played, but later on they renamed the group after one track writen by this man on picture named Radio-Head...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

17.12.2007., ponedjeljak

Sasha - Mangoose
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Mongoose (Original)
rls.date: 13.12.2007.


Matzak - Sobotta EP
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Sasha - Mangoose
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Mongoose (Original)
rls.date: 13.12.2007.


Matzak - Sobotta EP
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A1 Sobotta
B1 Ultrabrite



Citizen Kain - Doppelgaenger
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Doppelgaenger
02. Lost & Found



Alex Bau - C.A.N.A.D.A. E.P.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A Summer In Moncton
B Halifax Funk



Nick Curly - Silom
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. Silom
2. Deep breath
3. Static
4. Silom [Forteba remix]



Subsky - What U want
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. What U want
2. Pusu
3. Cheating 101



11.12.2007., utorak

some music...some words..some plastic..some digital...

The Mulder - I Take You Out To Space (Remixes)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. I take you out to space [Jon Silva’s mind the police mix]
2. I take you out to space [Cooccer’s fully dubbed mix]
3. I take you out to space [Jon Silva’s traxx remixx]
4. I take you out to space [2007 mix]
5. I take you out to space [original mix]
6. InterSphere
7. Pantheist



Adam Jace - Northern lights
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1. Doktor deep
2. Northern lights
3. Tokyo star



R.T.A. Feat. Katerina (4) - Unconditional Love
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
1 Unconditional Love (Original Mix)
2 Unconditional Love (Josels's Broken Soul Remix)
3 Unconditional Love (Memet Remix)


pass for 3rls. is qemf and so on..


Hardfloor - Da damn phreak noize phunk?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 Yimtrop
02 Triple pay
03 Phat packer
04 Dubdope
05 Drive thruw
06 Pepper penalty



Josh Wink - Herehear
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01 Intro
02 Back in tha' day
03 Hard hit
04 Sixth sense (feat. Ursula Rucker)
05 Black bomb (Jerry In The Bag) (feat. Trent Reznor)
06 Young again
07 I'm On Fire (feat. Caroline Crawley)
08 Ah, git up
09 Track 9 (feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline)
10 Are you there...
11 New groove
12 Simple man (feat. The Interpreters)



Tiger Stripes - My Deep Space Part One
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A My Deep Space PT. 1 (Sven’s dSpace Mix)
B My Deep Space PT. 1 (Instrumental)



Pako & Frederik - The Alert
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Laak
02. Nitro Fly
03. Lonely Spark
04. Under The Roof
05. Enclose Modulus
06. The Title Of This Track Was Taken
07. A Riskier Tube
08. Happy Defect
09. Pecunia
10. Disturbed Numerals
11. The Alert
12. Corrupt & Immoral
13. Gamego



Omid16B - Like 3 Ears And 1 Eye
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
01. Eyes In Disguise
02. MK 8
03. Changing Change
04. Har_Monique
05. Listen To Your Heart
06. D_Ark Angel
07. Dreamelocity
08. In Too Deep


OK NO MORE TIME for more...enjoy in this and have a good one...i'm curently listening for a Soma Compilation 2007 that is posted already...GET IT...one of the best soma comp. for my taste..nice mellow tech house and also CD03 Radiohead - in rainbows....boy they are genius..they are curently(last 10 years)first alternative rock-electronic bend in this universe....

04.12.2007., utorak

quick post

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