Strawberry Kitchen Decorations - Fruit Wall Decor.

Strawberry Kitchen Decorations

strawberry kitchen decorations

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strawberry kitchen decorations - STRAWBERRY 3-D

STRAWBERRY 3-D Canister Set of 4 Canisters NICE & NEW

STRAWBERRY 3-D Canister Set of 4 Canisters NICE & NEW

You are bidding on this Set of four Strawberry Canisters. Very beautiful pieces! Each canister is white in color and has a clutter of whole and sliced Strawberries scattered around each canisters. Each lid has Straweberries as well with one large 3-D strawberry that serves as the handle. Beautifully painted with precious design! There are four canisters in all. The large canister measures approx. 11" tall (from bottom to top of lid) and 8" in diameter; the next size down measures approx. 9" tall (from bottom to top of lid) and 7" in diameter; there are two smaller canisters, one measuring approx. 7" tall (from bottom to top of lid) and 5.5" in diameter, and the other measures 6.5" tall (from bottom of canister to top of lid) and 5" in diameter. Al of the strawberries are in 3-dimensional form. The colors are very vibrant and detail is exquisite! A beautiful set to display along with the rest of your decor in your kitchen - a GREAT addition! This would also make a wonderful gift item for any Strawberry Lover. Don't forget to take a look at our many other Strawberry items.

81% (9)

The Cone of the Ic(ing) Cream!

The Cone of the Ic(ing) Cream!

My dad's birthday cake this year is going to be Neopolitan-flavoured (that is, a sour-cream chocolate bottom layer, French vanilla buttercream filling, and a top cake layer of strawberry pound cake) and for the decoration I'm making a deliciously edible ice-cream cone.

This "cone" is a mixture of white and dark chocolates that I melted together, spread into a triangle stencil and covered in chopped peanuts. The ice cream component is simpler - pre-coloured round melting chocolate discs were the perfect size!

Full recipe (and more pictures!) soon.

A Pink Panda's Hello Panda Snack

A Pink Panda's Hello Panda Snack

Reverse Pink Panda Cavey hopped over to the kitchen counter to snack on some of my Hello Panda (strawberry, of course!) this afternoon. Thanks to Target's $1 per box deal, I'm always stocked up! Other than my hobby room full of toys and cuteness galore, our kitchen is my favorite room in our apartment. I have a red and pink dessert theme going on. The counters have tons of space, enough room for both cooking and yummy looking decorations. Pink Panda feels right at home among it all. ^__~

strawberry kitchen decorations

strawberry kitchen decorations


Take a look at this beautiful Strawberry 3-Dimensional Storage Jars and Wood Shelf Rack. This beautiful piece consists of five (5) seperate pieces: Wooden shelf with hooks for easy hanging, two (2) storage jars, and two (2) lids for the storage jars. The Strawberries look so real with lots of detail and vibrant colors! The shelf measures approx. 11.5" wide x 7.5" deep x 9.5" tall. The shelf is made of wood and the top decoration is made of a very sturdy and high quality resin. The storage jars measure approx. 8.5" tall x 5" wide x 6.5" deep. The jars and lid are made of a very beautiful hand painted ceramic with a very shiny gloss finish. This would make a great addition to your decor or this would make a wonderful gift for any Strawberry Lover! Please don't forget to take a look at our many other Strawberry design items of this same design set and other styles.

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