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Internet filter providing - Ivc filter insertion.

Internet Filter Providing

internet filter providing

    internet filter
  • Content-control software, also known as censorware or web filtering software, is a term for software designed and optimized for controlling what content is permitted to a reader, especially when it is used to restrict material delivered over the Web.

  • On the condition or understanding that

  • (provide) supply: give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"

  • (provide) give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"

  • (provide) determine (what is to happen in certain contingencies), especially by including a proviso condition or stipulation; "The will provides that each child should receive half of the money"; "The Constitution provides for the right to free speech"

internet filter providing - ComSifter CS-1

ComSifter CS-1 Network Internet Filter Appliance

ComSifter CS-1 Network Internet Filter Appliance

ComSifter is a hardware-and-software, set-it-and-forget-it appliance that plugs into your network and redirects all Internet traffic to itself. The ComSifter communicates directly with the Internet. Internet information for all other computers (e.g., Windows, Apple, Linux) must first go through the filter system built into the ComSifter. Three models of ComSifter are available. Model CS-1, with one filter, is designed for organizations that have similar filtering needs for all users. CS-1 may be installed by non-technical personnel. ComSifter designs and markets it products with three goals in mind-- the product must be accurate, simple to install/operate and be cost effective. Accuracy - a multi-tier filtering system stops more than 98% of inappropriate content. Simplicity -- ComSifter is a standalone appliance that is installed in minutes. No further hardware or software is required. Cost-Effective -- The ComSifter family has a product that fits your network. ComSifter does not require seat licensing. ComSifter is competitively priced -- ensuring a fast payback on your investment. ComSifter is great for use in: Small Business -- Real estate, lawyer, mortgage, insurance, retail, doctor, dentist offices Corporate -- Sales office, business office, development, shipping receiving, production floor School -- Classrooms, dorms, computer labs, office administration

75% (6)

"Polar Ring" Galaxy NGC 4650A: A Disk of Red Stars Ringed By Dust, Gas, and More Stars

Space Telescope Science Institute astronomers are giving the public chances to decide where to aim NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Guided by 8,000 Internet voters, Hubble has already been used to take a close-up, multi-color picture of the most popular object from a list of candidates, the extraordinary "polar-ring" galaxy NGC 4650A.

Located about 130 million light-years away, NGC 4650A is one of only 100 known polar-ring galaxies. Their unusual disk-ring structure is not yet understood fully. One possibility is that polar rings are the remnants of colossal collisions between two galaxies sometime in the distant past, probably at least 1 billion years ago. What is left of one galaxy has become the rotating inner disk of old red stars in the center. Meanwhile, another smaller galaxy which ventured too close was probably severely damaged or destroyed. During the collision the gas from the smaller galaxy would have been stripped off and captured by the larger galaxy, forming a new ring of dust, gas, and stars, which orbit around the inner galaxy almost at right angles to the old disk. This is the polar ring which we see almost edge-on in Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 image of NGC 4560A, created using 3 different color filters (which transmit blue, green, and near-infrared light).

This HST image clearly distinguishes structures in this extraordinary galaxy that only recently were discovered in images made using large ground-based telescopes. It also displays features that were previously unknown. The image confirms that the bright central concentration of light, which appears to be slightly orange in this image, has a completely smooth, regular appearance, indicating that it is a dense system composed of older stars and containing little gas or dust. We believe this was once a typical medium-sized galaxy that has been altered, probably by the process that made the complex polar ring. The central dark lanes are due to blockage of light by clouds of gas and dust in the ring, located between us and the inner galaxy. These are the sites of star formation in most galaxies, and NGC 4605A is no exception. The bright bluish clumps, which are especially prominent in the outer parts of the ring, are regions containing luminous young stars, examples of stellar rebirth from the remnants of an ancient galactic disaster. The polar ring appears to be highly distorted. No regular spiral pattern stands out in the main part of the ring, and the presence of young stars below the main ring on one side and above on the other shows that the ring is warped and does not lie in one plane. Determining the typical ages of the stars in the polar ring is an initial goal of our Polar Ring Science Team that can provide a clue to the evolution of this unusual galaxy.

Because the polar ring extends far into the halo of NGC 4650A, it provides a unique opportunity to map "dark matter," which is thought to surround most disk galaxies. It is called dark matter because it doesn't emit light, but only reveals itself through its gravitational effect on the stars and gas in the galaxy. Dark matter explains why disk stars in most spiral galaxies move at constant speeds around their galactic cores, regardless of their distances from the center axes of rotation. This motion is unlike the planets orbiting around our Sun, which move more slowly the farther they are away from the Sun, in response to the weakening of the Sun's gravitational pull with increasing distance. A constant speed requires extra gravitational pull and therefore implies the existence of unseen material in most galaxies that is supplying additional gravity. In NGC 4650A, both the old, rotating disk and the dark matter surrounding this galaxy pull on its polar ring. The alignment of the ring along the pole of the inner disk's rotation allows scientists to probe this combination of tugs and thus the distribution of dark matter.

The name NGC 4650A means that this galaxy is the brighter of a pair of galaxies numbered 4650 in the "New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars," known to astronomers as the "NGC." This catalog was published by J.L. Dreyer in 1888. It is mainly based on observations obtained by William and John Herschel as they looked at the skies with their telescopes while Caroline Herschel checked and reduced the celestial positions of interesting objects. In only 100 years we have gone from astronomers peering at the sky through telescopes on the ground to using electronic cameras on robotic telescopes in space!

The HST exposures were acquired by the Hubble Heritage Team, consisting of Keith Noll, Howard Bond, Carol Christian, Jayanne English, Lisa Frattare, Forrest Hamilton, Anne Kinney and Zolt Levay, and guest collaborators Jay Gallagher (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Lynn Matthews (National Radio Astronomy Observatory-Charlottesville), and Linda Sparke (University of Wisconsin-Madison). These data were av

My.God.Provides... Read It.

My.God.Provides... Read It.

I have some things to say..
about a week and a half ago I dropped my phone in the toilet, which was incredibly unfortunate... but after a few days of drying it still lived :) Yesterday, I left my phone on a Brisbane City train... now, for all of you people out there who live in huge American cities... Brisbane is puny.. this sucks cause it's not small enough for people to return phones! (It's a nokia.. old one too.. nothing fancy!) I was devastated.... I have no money for a new phone, and I still had a hundred+ dollars of credit on it. Plus when I rang it a bazzilion times, some one had obviously found it and switched it off!

I have seen God provide for me in the strangest ways lately... you know I've been praying for a new job for months.. and in two weeks I get two job offers! That's not all, this morning a guy from my church rocked up at my front door, with not one, but TWO PHONES. Two! I started crying.. God, is, so, faithful! So next time you have a need, just get on your knees.. cause he's knows what it is before you do it! He will give you what you need and MORE.

All your flickr-photo-lovers out there... if you don't know Jesus or how he can provide.. get to know him! He is just longing to help you out, you just have to let him. I'm tagging a bunch of you in here, because I want to hear your story... Post a photo, and write something about what God is doing in your life! :) It may be big, it may be as small as having a great time at church.. but if you're a Jesus follower, there should be something! If you're not a Jesus follower, and don't know him.. I encourage you to dig a little deeper in to it.. it's not a religion.. its a way of life.
Tag a few people to do the same!

internet filter providing

internet filter providing

New Panasonic Professional 3-Ccd Shoulder Mount Avchd Solid State Camcorder Stunning Image Quality

With an exciting range of professional video and audio features and a compact, well-balanced design, the HMC150 is a "must have" for video professionals and enthusiasts looking for the best in affordable HD. Features: Extra-long record times - one 32GB SDHC card can hold up to 3 hours in the PH mode mode, 4 hours HA, 5.3 hours at HG mode and 12 hours in the HE mode. Records in a full range of HD formats including 1080/60i, 1080/30p, 1080/24p; 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p. 1/3" 3-CCD progressive image system with excellent sensitivity, superb color reproduction and resolution. Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) that ensures stable images, critical to high definition video display. 13X 28mm to 368mm (35mm equivalent) Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens. Superb Manual & Auto focus. In-camera Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope and two Focus assist displays. A host of advanced video functions like Cinelike Gamma and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS). Professional-level connections including HDMI out, Component Out (D Terminal), Composite Out and RCA Audio out jacks, XLR audio inputs, USB 2.0 for file transfer, remote control for Zoom, Iris, Focus, Start/Stop. Three neutral density filters and three user sets. Two locking XLR inputs with switches for mic/line, +48V Phantom Power, Auto/Manual level, and internal/external assignment. Useful time/date stamp feature for applications like reality shows, legal depositions or surveillance. Includes professional-level assist functions like waveform monitor, vectorscope and two focus displays. Variety of editing solutions (Render files to almost any format or media). Free downloadable AVCHD Transcoder for conversion to DVCPRO HD available at the Panasonic web site. Built with a durable, die-cast magnesium chassis frame for reliable performance in tough environments. Lightweight (under 6lbs.), handheld design similar to the popular AG-DVX100.

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