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Last minute student flight - Hotel flight booking.

Last Minute Student Flight

last minute student flight

    student flight
  • (Student flights) Flight Centre Limited is Australia's largest travel agent. It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of $1.145 billion as at March 2006. It has over 1500 stores in nine different countries with over 8000 staff.

    last minute
  • eleventh hour: the latest possible moment; "money became available at the eleventh hour"; "at the last minute the government changed the rules"

  • The latest possible time before an event

  • just before a deadline; at the last minute; "last-minute arrangements"

  • Marcin Rozynek (born May 16, 1971 in Zywiec) – Polish rock vocalist, songs' author, music producer. He released six albums, two of them were recorded with friend band Atmosphere. He cooperated with Grzegorz Ciechowski.

A teaser.

A teaser.

It'd be ALOT easier to do this by copy and paste, but instead, since Microsoft Office has DIED -- well worn off the free trial more like :P -- I can't do that, so instead I'm going to re-write it. One moment. It may take a while...

Anyway, this is just a short teaser of a story I'd been working on since I was 12, I believe. And not to worry, this is a much better version from last year, I was a horrible writer when I was 12 xD lol. Good at planning plots just a horrible writer, haha. Please, enjoy and comment!

Midnight Flight

"Ariel are you coming or not?" Moira asked her best friend, giving a frusterated sigh.
Ariel bit her bottom lip anxiously, her caring grey eyes darting around her and Moira's room.
"They'll know..." she hissed, looking out the window which Moira was perched on the ledge of.
"No they won't, Ariel." Moira rolled her dark brown eyes at her friends hesitation to join her.

Ariel didn't like to sneak out of school after hours. She used to, when her and Moira were younger, about fourteen, but one night when they had planned on sneaking out with a small group of friends, Ariel got caught by one of the schools Gaurds and had gotten detention for an entire week.
Only because they had discovered her alone, trying to sneak out; the rest of the group had hidden in time. And even though they had suspected other students had been involved, they didn't know who had been involved and Ariel wasn't about to rat out on her friends just because she didn't hide in time.
Nevertheless Ariel hadn't tried to sneak out again, since then. For fear that she'd get caught and this time expelled instead of given a small tap on the wrist.

"But I just have this...feeling, like something might happen." "You always have those feelings, Airy." Moira sighed, staring down at the empty cobbled street thirteen stories below her. A street lamp on the corner was the only light provided for the still lane.
"Well, it's more than a feeling, Moira, it's...Urgh! I know it's a vision of somekind; I just can't get all of it, it's...fuzzy." "Maybe we'll meet up with a woolly mammoth?" "I don't mean that kind of fuzzy. It's blurry, unclear, vague, indistinct --" "Yes, yes, I get it. The P.T.B sent you a dud vision. So what?"
"But it's not just a 'dud vision' it's the sensation that comes with it...it's eerie. You shouldn't go out there, tonight, please." Moira rubbed her temples, closing her eyes. She could see the vision, too, a great big blob of colors. Green, brown, blue...like a forest and sky mixed together. It gave her a headache just to close her eyes and catch a glimpse of the hazy image. But Ariel was right; the eerie sensation was there, nonetheless.
Still, it would take alot more than that to keep Moira from exploring the night.

"Fine, if you don't want to go..." Moira tipped herself off the windowsill, dropping into freefall.
Moira! Ariels usually soft voice, was now a furious scream echoing in her head.
Moira turned upwards at the last minute, hovering only a few inches above the cobbled lane
and drifted up to the fourteenth window,
Yes? Moira glared at her friend.
Do you enjoy almost giving me a heartattack?

Ariels voice was back to it's soft tone, but with an acidic edge to it.
I wouldn't know..haven't given you one, yet.
Moira smirked.

But you're bound to kill yourself if you freefall like that again!
"Whatever, Airy..." Moira waved her hand dismissively, and with that she headed up over the roof, Ariel's voice litterally nagging in the back of head. Finally her voice faded into nothingness and Moira knew she'd reached the limit to how far they could be apart while using telepathy.

Moira closed her eyes, enjoying the nights cool air nipping at her face as she flew through the silent empty night.
Behind the closed lids of her eyes, Moira saw the vision forming once again, the blurred image of what she took to be a forest, the night surrouding her and...something else...an orange-yellow light, speeding betweent the trees, too fast for her to register.
Moira opened her eyes just in time to see the exact same light, swerving inbetween the many trees of the thick forest beneath her.
It sparked Moira's interest, though that wasn't very hard to do.

Moira dived down, the night's air no longer felt pleasant as it whipped across every inch of skin that wasn't clothed.

Her bare feet hit the forests floor, hard and cold beneath them.
She looked around, eyes searching wildly for that mysterious light.
She caught a quick glance of it rushing through the darkness.
She ran after it, dodging, ducking, jumping over roots and in the way branches. Her heart pumping fast as she chased after the light that had caught her eye, her breathing fast and shallow, pulse ridiculasly rapid.
Moira halted to a skidding stop when she came across a pratically solid w

Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) makes record flight east

Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) makes record flight east

Schneider Makes Record Flight East.

Pilot, 18, Cuts Goldsborough's Junior Coast-To-Coast Mark By 1 1/2 Hours. Lowers Round-Trip Time.

Jersey City High School Boy Arrives From Los Angeles In 27 Hours 19 Minutes, Dodging Storm On Way.

Roosevelt Field, Long Island; August 24, 1930. In his trim little Cessna monoplane Edward Schneider, 18-year-old high school student, roared across the field here this afternoon, descended in a series of tight spiral turns and touched his wheels at 4:03 to establish new junior transcontinental flying records. Despite two setbacks, one over Kansas when his compass refused to function, and another when a storm overtook him over the treacherous Alleghenies on today's non-stop leg from Columbus, Ohio, the youthful pilot set his flying time between Los Angeles and Roosevelt Field at 27 hours and 36 minutes the former mark of 29 hours 55 minutes set by Frank Goldsborough, who was killed recently in a crash in the White Mountains. Schneider was greeted by his father, Emil A. Schneider, of 114 Carleton Avenue, Jersey City, others of the family and 2,500 enthusiastic Sunday visitors to the field here. He started from Los Angeles last Thursday and made three overnight stops en route. On landing, he said that the storm was on its way here, and stood by while mechanics hurried his plane into a hanger. He said that he was too hungry to talk about his trip. Then when his hunger had been partially appeased by a sandwich the young pilot related his experiences on the last leg of his flight. Weather reports had not been too good when he was ready to take off from Columbus. He counted on an even chance to ‘get through,’ however, and pushed on with the knowledge that he was on the air mail route, with its emergency landing fields and better sectional airports at frequent intervals in case he were forced down. As he neared Uniontown, Pennsylvania, he had to leave the course about thirty miles to the south, he said, to avoid a severe storm which was then over Pittsburgh. As he came up over the Alleghenies, approaching Middletown from the west, a strong headwind was encountered which brought with it s strata of low-hanging clouds. He could not see the ground for a while, he said, as he flew above the clouds rather than hitting one of the mountains. With no landmarks to check by and no radio guidance, he headed for New York by compass and got his next land check near Stroudsbourg, Pennsylvania. Keeping the mail route under him, again he headed for New Brunswick and, finding visibility fair beneath him, he continued on over the flats of New Jersey, the Hudson and East rivers and the outlying sections of New York City. He maintained high attitude so he would be able to wheel and run from thickening weather which was approaching. A few moments after he landed here the skies darkened and mechanics and others on the field rushed their planes into hangers or took precautions to prevent them from being damaged in the approaching storm Schneider and his family left the field almost immediately and motored to their home in Jersey City. In addition to lowering Goldsborough’s record for the trip from Los Angeles to New York Schneider also broke the junior records for the east-west trip last week and the record for the round trip journey concluded today. He left Westfield, New Jersey, last week and, with several overnight stops en route, landed at Los Angeles in 29 hours and 55 minutes of flying time, 4 hours and 22 minutes faster than Goldsborough’s time over the same route. His flying time for the round trip was therefore 57 hours and 14 minutes, against his predecessor’s record of 62 hours and 58 minutes.

Source: New York Times; August 25, 1930; page 5

last minute student flight

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