9 Piece Counter Height Dining Table - Slide Top Coffee Table.

9 Piece Counter Height Dining Table

9 piece counter height dining table

    dining table
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Bits & "Pieces"

Bits &

OurDailyChallenge Pieces

Every house likely has one. A box or tin or some container where you thow things that are too good to throw out. Or it is a convenient place to put stuff until you can put it where it belongs. This is part of the contents of my box of Bits & Pieces. I did select a representative sample but then I basically dumped them on the table without sorting them. (Couple of minor adjustments) It looked good the way it landed so here it is.

Can you idenify all the stuff?

Pieces Of Christmas

Pieces Of Christmas

Zona Porta Ticinese.

* Scusate se in questi giorni non sono molto presente o non flickero spesso, ma sono fuori Milano! Un abbraccio a tutti e BUON FLICKR!!!
A prestissimo.
Nero *
* Sorry if I'm absent on these days, but I'm out of Milan! I give you a big embrace and HAVE A GOOD FLICKR!!!
See you soooon.
Nero *

9 piece counter height dining table

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