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Best Toys For 6 Months

best toys for 6 months

  • A period of 28 days or four weeks

  • A period of time between the same dates in successive calendar months

  • The Months is an Italian literary fairy tale written by Giambattista Basile in his Pentamerone.

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day 295 ~ 365

day 295 ~ 365

“Happy Half-iversary myWife!”

Today is Friday, March 27, 2009 and it’s my 6th month wedding anniversary! :-)) hehe... It’s been 6 months since Maggie and I got married... since Maggie made me the happiest woman alive... and since myLove gave myHeart the most precious gift ever – a lifetime with her heart.

I’m not one who celebrates weekly, monthly anniversaries, but I do like to celebrate half-yearly ones :-) I’m schmoopy, but not that schmoopy! And we regularly express sappy schmoop on a daily basis so there’s really no need to have an official celebration. :-)

For the longest time Maggie has told me about a kid’s toy a friend of hers in college had and how much she loved it. “It’s got the best sound and it makes you smile!” she would say to me. Well, I knew what she was talking about b/c as a child I had one... and yes... LOVED it!

So for this anniversary I wanted to give her something she’d never expect. :-) *I’ll save the romantic items for the actual yearly anniversaries. Hehe. I was so worried that she’d be the one to receive the box from the post lady and I knew the moment she moved the box she’d know what was inside and the surprise would be ruined. So...luckily for me, I didn’t sleep well agaaaain last night so I called in sick today to catch up on some zzzz’s. *and I was now able to be home to intercept the package ;-).

I wish I’d have had my camera ready when she opened the package, b/c her expression... was... priceless! :-))) She just stared at it... mouth open... a smile on her face... speechless. It was exactly what I’d hoped to see!

I’ve added a video of the Happy Apple so that those of you who have no idea of what it is or what it sounds like you can now know. :-)

Thank you Maggie for marrying me 6 months ago. Thank you myLove for being a great wife and partner. Thank you myWife for sharing your love and life with me. Happy Half-iversary!

I love you,

Seasons change but the love for you will forever remain the same.

Seasons change but the love for you will forever remain the same.

"What are these weird looking toys? They are so loud and why do you keep throwing them one my head mom?"

I adore this picture and he was the one who wasn't even listening to me the whole time and I got the best picture from him xD
He always ignores me whenever I try to get a picture of him he never corporates with me.

This is way off topic but we just changed Niko's food today he was on the Purina EN which is like a perscribtion dog food you can only get from your vet since he has a super sensitive stomach but the vet said we didnt need to keep him on that just switch to something that says sensitive stomach so I switched him to Nutro Sensitive Skin and Stomach well I cdan tell you that food is not gonna work cuz all he keeps doing is "cutting the cheese" and just about killing me. I feel as if I am in Niko's Gas Chamber -_- awful and the whole time he was on the perscribtion food he hardly "cut the cheese". So I am going back to the other food even thouhg its kinda pricey its worth it xD


best toys for 6 months

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