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Metal Glass Top Table

metal glass top table

    metal glass
  • An amorphous metal is a metallic material with a disordered atomic-scale structure. In contrast to most metals, which are crystalline and therefore have a highly ordered arrangement of atoms, amorphous alloys are non-crystalline.

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metal glass top table - Designers Edge

Designers Edge L-2552WH 15-1/2-Inch 1-Light Dual Eye Motion-Activated Outdoor Upward Wall Sconce, White Metal with Beveled Glass

Designers Edge L-2552WH 15-1/2-Inch 1-Light Dual Eye Motion-Activated Outdoor Upward Wall Sconce, White Metal with Beveled Glass

Dual Eye Motion Activated Lantern with Beveled glass Weather resistant high quality finish Switchable from motion to dusk-to-dawn mode Adjustable time and sensitivity settings 220 detection zone coverage To be used with or without the tail (included) Energy Star certifiedNote: Sold in packs of 2 or 8 only.

The Designers Edge Dual Eye 15-1/2-inch motion-activated outdoor one-light upward wall sconce offers adjustable time and sensitivity settings. Its white metal weather-resistant construction provides protection against weather while the metal protective bulb shields add to the strong exterior. Switchable from motion to dusk-to-dawn mode, the lantern features beveled glass and can be used with or without tail (included). It comes with a 220-degree detection zone coverage and a 10-year limited warranty.

79% (18)

my free table

my free table

I found this glass top/metal bottomed table in the storage room of my apartment building. There was a sign on it saying that it was free for the taking so I took it! It works well in my space, is just the right size and the glass top causes it to take up much less visual space than it would otherwise.

Metal, glass and macassar table 1

Metal, glass and macassar table 1

Overview of metal, macassar and glass table. The pieces of macassar, known also as striped ebony, sit in the cutouts of the metal table top, anchored by brass studs, creating a unique floating effect.

metal glass top table

metal glass top table


Heavy-duty 1/4" thick rubber and individual vacuum lever for sure grip when it matters. Red impact-resistant ABS construction. For best results, use on smooth non-porous surface; both surface and rubber cup should be clean and free from dirt. Apply pressure to handle against surface while lifting levers; lubricating cup rim with small amount of rubber preservative or other liquid typically enhances rubber-to-surface seal and helps improve vacuum strength. Applying excessive lubrication may allow undesired cup movement on surface.

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