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4 X 8 Floor Register - Ice Condos Floor Plans - Second Floor Plans

4 X 8 Floor Register

4 x 8 floor register

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    x 8
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4 x 8 floor register - Marvel Masterworks:

Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Volume 8

Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Volume 8

When you've got amazing stories by Chris Claremont, excellent artwork by Dave Cockrum, and the astonishing debut of fan-favorite Paul Smith, what you've got is a mutant masterwork! It starts off with an adventure in Belasco's mysterious Limbo realm that leaves Colossus' little sister Ilyana Rasputin aged from child to teenager in a moment. Then comes a classic tale of Professor X and Magneto in their younger days, before their philosophical fallout, teamed up to take down Baron Strucker and Hydra. But the real action is the conclusion of the epic Brood Saga! Teamed with the Starjammers and Shi'ar, the X-Men are in an all-out war for survival against the sleaziest parasites in outer space. To top it off, we're also including rare and long-demanded Wolverine, Angel and Kitty Pryde backup stories!


89% (8)

The Baptismal Site (Bethany beyond the Jordan)

The Baptismal Site (Bethany beyond the Jordan)


The Site is about 45minutes drive from Amman, and about 50 kms.to the west of Amman and 10 km. north of the Dead Sea. For the three past year and a half, the Jordanian Department of Antiquities has systematically surveyed and partially' excavated a series of ancient sites that collectively represent one of the most important archaeological discoveries in modem Jordan — the settlement and region of Bethany (or Beth abra), where John the Baptist lived and baptized. The Bethany area sites formed part of the early Christian pilgrimage route between Jerusalem, the Jordan River, and Mt. Nebo. The area is also associated with the biblical account of how the Prophet Elijah (Mar Elias in Arabic) ascended to heaven in a whirlwind on a chariot of fire, after having parted the waters of the Jordan River and walked across it with his anointed successor the Prophet Elisha. The site of this Bethany east of the Jordan River is not to be confused with the Bethany near Jerusalem, which was the home town of Lazarus. John 1:28 explicitly mentions Bethany cast of the river as the place where John the Baptist lived and baptized ("...Bethany beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing") while John 10:40 mentions an incident when Jesus escaped from hostile Jews in Jerusalem and "went away again across the Jordan to the place where John at first baptized..." The DOA team, headed by Cultural Resources Management department has now identified nearly 20 related sites within an area stretching some four kilometers east of the Jordan River. More sites remain to be discovered through systematic surveying. After excavations and conservation work is completed at the sites, the region will be prepared for tourist and pilgrimage trips, probably including visits to the Jordan River itself and the spot where tradition believes that Jesus was baptized and the Jordan River was crossed by Joshua, Elijah and Elisha. The site of Bethany, as mentioned in the book of John, is also known by other names. It is called Beth-Abara or Bethabara (Beit el-'Obour in Arabic) meaning 'house of the crossing', referring to the Joshua and Elijah crossings of the river, and Arabic Bible translations call it Beit 'Anya. Some Greek Bible texts call it Bethania. and in the Old Testament the same area is also referred to as Beth-Barah in Judges 7:24-25, the place where Gideon defeated the Midianites and sled two of their leaders or princes. These same fords across the Jordan are thought to be the place referred to in Judges 12:4-6, where Jephthah the Gileadite seized these fords during his battle against the Ephraimites (Gilead is the area roughly between the Amman region and the Yarmouk River, in the north of what is today Jordan). The Bethany area was known as Bethennabris in the Roman period. The 6th Century AD Byzantine Madaba mosaic map of the Holy Land labels it as 'Ainon where now is Saphsaphas'. The name Saphsaphas ('the place of willows') (also, Saphsas or Sapsas), comes from the Arabic word for willow tree. The Madaba map depicts a ferry crossing Just north of the Bethany area (one of two such ferries on the map), corresponding to the location of the current King Hussein Bridge (also known as the Allenby Bridge). Bethany/Bethabara may also have referred to a region, rather than only a specific settlement. Western travelers to the region at the turn of the century reported that the Greek Orthodox clerics and monks who lived in the south Jordan Valley, and the native ghoranis themselves, referred to the whole area around the river and east to the start of Wadi Kharrar as Bethabara, It seems that the original settlement in the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD was known as Bethany. but in the 3rd Century AD it was more commonly known as Bethabara, and by the 6th Century AD it had become known as Aenon and Saphsapha (or Sapsas, Sapsafas). John the Baptist's town The main complex being investigated comprises structures on and around a small natural hill located two kilometres east of the Jordan River, adjacent to the spring and small oasis at the head of the Wadi Kharrar. The hill has long been known as Elijah's Hill. or Jabal Mar Elias or Tell Mar Elias in Arabic. The current excavations have identified a settlement that was inhabited from the time of Christ and John the Baptist (early Roman era), throughout most of the Byzantine period, into the early Islamic era, and again in Ottoman centuries. The site was also visited by scholars earlier this century; the late director of antiquities Lankester Harding identified Byzantine remains on the surface, and the survey team of James Saner, Kheir Yassine and Moliawiyah lbrahim in the 1980s collected pottery there dating from the early Roman through the late Byzantine periods. A visit to the area by Father Michcle Piccirillo of the Franciscan Archaeological Institute also confirmed the presence of much early Roman pottery on the plateau immediately south of Bethany, pointing to the existence of a



The origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street. On March 8, 1817, the organization drafted a constitution and renamed itself the "New York Stock & Exchange Board". Anthony Stockholm was elected the Exchange's first president (for other presidents, see List of presidents of the New York Stock Exchange).

The first central location of the Exchange was a room, rented in 1817 for $200 a month, located at 40 Wall Street. After that location was destroyed in the Great Fire of New York (1835), the Exchange moved to a temporary headquarters. In 1863, the New York Stock & Exchange Board changed to its current name, the New York Stock Exchange. In 1865, the Exchange moved to 10-12 Broad Street.

The volume of stocks traded increased sixfold in the years between 1896 and 1901, and a larger space was required to conduct business in the expanding marketplace. Eight New York City architects were invited to participate in a design competition for a new building; ultimately, the Exchange selected the neoclassic design submitted by architect George B. Post. Demolition of the Exchange building at 10 Broad Street, and adjacent buildings, started on May 10, 1901.

The new building, located at 18 Broad Street, cost $4 million and opened on April 22, 1903. The trading floor, at 109 x 140 feet (33 x 42.5 m), was one of the largest volumes of space in the city at the time, and had a skylight set into a 72-foot (22 m)-high ceiling. The main facade of the building features six tall Corinthian capitals, topped by a marble sculpture by John Quincy Adams Ward, called “Integrity Protecting the Works of Man”. The building was listed as a National Historic Landmark and added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 2, 1978. -Wikipedia

4 x 8 floor register

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