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4 Piece Rug Set : Carpet Installation Atlanta Ga.

4 Piece Rug Set

4 piece rug set

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4 piece rug set - Royce Lighting

Royce Lighting RL1213S-09 Solar Sunflower Stake 4 Piece Set with Multi Color Changing LED Lights Set in Black Finish

Royce Lighting RL1213S-09 Solar Sunflower Stake 4 Piece Set with Multi Color Changing LED Lights Set in Black Finish

This unique solar sunflower stake with multi color changing LED lights 4 piece set provides the perfect balance of charm and beauty for your outdoors. With a silicon solar panel, 1 white LED light and 3 color changing LED (red/green/blue) lights in black finish, this stake is great for lighting your garden or walkway, adding a fun touch to any outdoor setting. You'll want to buy them by the bunch when you see how beautifully these solar stakes illuminate your garden. Requires 1 AA battery (included). UL listed for wet locations. Measures 28 3/8 inches in height; 3 3/4 inches wide; 3 3/4 inches in length. Royce Lighting, Elegance for America's Home.

87% (9)

Beleza que pőe a mesa/ beauty that sets the table

Beleza que pőe a mesa/ beauty that sets the table

Eu nao sou uma grande fa de peixe, com excessao deles crus, mas esse devo dizer que foi uma das minhas maiores criacoes (como o meu padrinho chamou hoje).

E simples, mas leva um tempinho. E lindo demais e desconheco quem resistiria o cheiro que sai do forno. Se eu pudesse engarrafar passava na sala de jantar antes de refeicoes com peixe, porque nao e aquele cheiro de peixe desagradavel, mas o cheiro das ervas com o peixe- incrivel.

Ingredientes do peixe:

•16 files de linguadado
•32 fatias finas de presunto de parma
•3 tomates cortados em quartos e sem semente
•1 punhado de manjericao
•1 punhado de coentro

1.Coloque os tomates na assadeira com a pele para baixo e regue abundantemente azeite sobre eles
2.Leve ao forno por 30 minutos, vire-os e mais 30 minutos
3.Coloque-os em um triturador, junto com seu azeite, o manjericao e o coentro
4.Em uma superficie limpa e lisa coloque as fatias de presunto de duas em duas, de forma que elas formem uma especie de tapete com a largurgura de 2 presuntos e o comprimento de 1 (nao sei se estou me explicando direito)
5.Sobre o presunto espalhe a pasta de tomate com ervas
6.Sobre a pasta coloque os files de forma a cobrirem todo o presunto (so nao cortem os files, se precisar coloque um sobre o outro) e sal sobre eles
7.Enrrole tudo como um rocambole
8.Na assadeira que utilizou para os tomates, coloque os rolinho e leve ao forno por 40 minutos

Ingredientes do pure de batatas:

•3 batatas descascadas e cortadas em cubos (so para acelerar o cozimento e gastar menos gas)
•1 ? xicara de leite
•50g de manteiga (sei que parece muito, mas com peixe quanto mais amanteigado o pure, melhor sera a combinacao)

1.Cozinhe as batatas com sal
2.Escorra-as e amasse-as com um garfo (nao precisa do espremedor, os pedacos de batata que o garfo nao conseguir amassar serao bem vindos, acreditem)
3.Adicione a manteiga e o leite, e leve ao fogo
4.Misture bem e sirva imediatamente


I am not a great fan of fish, with exception of sushi, but this I must say that it is one of my favorite fish creations (as my god father called it today).

It is simple, but it takes a wile to make it. It is gorgeous and I am unaware of who would resist the smell of it as it cooks in the oven. If I could bottle it, I?d pass it in the dining room before meals with fish, because it is not that bad fish smell but the smell of the herbs and fish- amazing

Ingredients of the fish:

• 16 white fish filets
• 32 fine slices of parma
• 3 tomatoes cut into ? s and seedless
• 1 handful of basil
• 1 handful of coriander
• Salt
• Olive oil

1.Put the tomatoes in a baking dish with the skin down and abundantly pour the oil
2.Leve to the oven per 30 minutes, turns them and 30 minutes more
3.Put them in a processor, together with it?s baking oil, the basil and coriander
4.In a clean and smooth surface places the slices of ham(two and two, in a way that they form a kind of parma rug with the two parmas wide wise, and 1 length wise)
5.Over the parma spread the creamy tomato and herbs
6.Over it place the fish in a way that it covers the entire parma slices and sprinkle salt on them
7.Roll them with everything in them (so that when you cut it, it looks like on the picture
8.In the baking dish that you used to bake the tomatoes place the fish rolls and cook it in a pre heated oven for 40 minutes

Ingredients of the smashed potatoes:

• 3 potatoes peeled and cut in cubes (to speed up the baking and only to use less gas)
• 1 ? cups of milk
• 50g of butter (I know that it seems a lot, but with fish the more buttered up , the better the combination will be)
• Salt

1.Cook the potatoes with salt
2.Drain them and smash them with a fork (it does not need to go to a food processor, because the pieces that eventually stay unmashed will be very welcome)

3 piece set

3 piece set

4' Round
2x3 Rectangle
4x6 Freeform "Crown" Rug

4 piece rug set

4 piece rug set

NoJo Alexis Garden 4 Piece Crib Set

NoJo Alexis Garden Four Piece SetAdorned with delicate, Asian-inspired details, Alexis Garden features simple sprays of leaves, butterflies, and blossoms beautifully embroidered in on a classic quilt. The color palette is light and airy in ivory, burgundy, pale pink, sage, and aqua. The 4 piece crib set includes the quilt, fitted sheet, bumper, and dust ruffle. Coordinating items include the window valance, diaper stacker, musical mobile, canvas wall art and wall decals, lamp & shade, coral fleece blanket, and hamper. Easy care, machine wash warm with like colors, use non-chlorine bleach only when needed, tumble dry low heat, warm iron if desired

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