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Removing hair from carpet - Carpet stain protection - Carpet tiles perth.

Removing Hair From Carpet

removing hair from carpet

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Danbury Mint 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee

Danbury Mint 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee

This is my first of many purchases from Danbury Mint i intend to make. This model has incredible detail,it has

Working suspention.
Opening fuel cap (only partially).
Hair thin CB antenna.
Professionally chromed trim.
Superbly detailed HEMI 426 with hoses and cables.
Opening light doors.
steering wheel operated steering.
Carpeted floor and trunk floor.
Spare tire.
Folding seats.
Original T.V style roll cage & licence plate.
Slightly modified front push bar.

These are just some of the many incredible features this model has. But there are some dissapointing features of this model. As the most observant of those who love the General Lee will notice the following problems.

The flag is much too big and looks rather square, and the blue bars are much too wide with the surroundong red incredibly dark.
The General Lee text is way too small and is the text of the General Lee from the 2005 movie instead of the first look of the 'hand painted' text from the T.V series.
The '01' on the doors are slightly too small but are perfect in apperance in comparison to the original T.V car.
The trim is missing from the slope from the roof going to the rear window, which Danbury Mints 1968-69 normal Dodge Charger did have.
The rear quarters have a rather unattractive Black outlined turn signal where as the front are moulded into the body and are orange.
The Vector rims would be about 18''-19'' 1:1 size, as apposed to the actual size being 14''-15''.
The interior does have a odd yellow hue added to the original tan colour, that can be still seen on the steering wheel.

To be honest altough i have railed on the fact all of the elements which make this car a General Lee are wrong, some of these can be corrected if enough experience has been had removing decals from diecast body's without removing paint. More suitable decals avaliable can replace then giving the car a better General Lee look, as for the wheels...well i think you would have to leave these alone unless you are prepared to fashion yourself some correct size ones. Personally i can live with the interior being a bit 'yellow' and the wheels being a bit too big but once you get used to these gactors its not so bad, but i do intend to remove the flag, text and 01 and replace them with more realistic sized ones.

Lil' Red Bettie

Lil' Red Bettie

Model: Lil' Red Bettie (Unchained Girls)

Believe it or not, this also came from my Toxic Zombie/Unchained Girls shoot. I think there was a little scope creep during the shoot;->

This shot (like my last several) has had quite a bit of post processing done on it. Lil' Red was sitting on an old nasty beige carpet and the "black" backdrop I brought was more of a mauve. . . So in LR2 I used the exposure brush to black the mauve backdrop and then exported to CS4 and completed the rest of the processing, including blacking out the beige carpet, adding a gradient to black at the bottom left of the frame, basic retouching, fixing some ouchies on the bass, and softening the image using a desaturated high-pass filter layer that was inverted set to "hard light" blend mode with opacity reduced to taste.

Softening an image like this is new to me. I'm normally trying to eek out as much sharpness as I can, but I felt that wasn't appropriate for this frame. Also, my 50mm f/1.4 seems to enjoy focusing somewhere other than the focus point semi-frequently. In this case, the bass was in sharp focus instead of her eyes. . .

Edit: Looking at this shot again, I'm thinking about removing the pickup, any opinions?

Edit2: Removed the pickup and while I was at it, I knocked the highlights down a bit with a multiply layer and some masking.

[ Strobist Info -- AB1600 camera left through 32" x 40" softbox, ABR800 through 45" umbrella camera right. CTR301p triggers. ]

removing hair from carpet

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