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Large Cocktail Table - Old Oak Table.

Large Cocktail Table

large cocktail table



(give me a sec, i'm just thinking up my 16 things...)

right. okp tagged me - it means she loves me - to do the 16 things

and i apologise in advance to the 16 i'm about to tag aswell...

1. i am a qualified open water PADI scuba diver. and i get underwater seasickness.

2. i met david beckham once. but it wasnt as great as you'd think.

3. negativity depresses me. brits are the worst whiners.

4. one of my top 10 of all time laminated lists includes peas.

5. i have a seriously low tolerance threshold for drama-queens

6. i have no grey hairs. and no fillings in my teefs. yet.

7. i don't love shoping, chocolate, clothes, shoes or handbags.

8. i will not camp. ever. shared public facilities. ick.

9. i am an avid practitioner of hand-written thank-you letters.

10. i will race you at the lights. and i will win.

11. one of my other top 10 laminated lists includes a mojito, a large glass of good red wine, a champagne cocktail.

12. a table of diners did a runner from the restaurant i was waitressing in, so the barman and i chased them down the street and round the block, and escorted them to a cashpoint to get the money. i should've lied & got more money. i didnt even include service.

13. there's no such thing as a simple answer. there must be discussion. and further questionning. and exploring of options. and from both sides. and all angles.

14. i'm terrible for butting in when you're talking to me. but its only because i'm so excited to see you :)

15. i can sleep anywhere. i fell asleep at twickenham rugby stadium, in the freezing cold, during england v. france.

16. god, i LOVE music and i WILL make you dance at the party.

173/365 Cocktail Shaker

173/365 Cocktail Shaker

Press L to view larger and on black!

Another day another dollar, well I wasn't to tired today after work but I had some errands to run so I didn't really go out shooting today. So of course I went around the house to look for something interesting to shoot for today, and saw my old cocktails shaker. Funny enough like I've said before I don't drink but I actually use to mix drinks for fun. I actually have a coctail book at home and I put about 100 post it tabs in it for popular drinks I would mix up. Well the whole bartending thing died off before college started because mixing drinks is expensive hahaha espcially when you don't drink, I just did it for fun anyway. Though I've learned/made quite a few virgin variations just so I could drink some too but again those aren't cheap either hahaha.

Oh one note about this photo, its a composite of 3 images put together. I had to do this because I only have one large softbox, so I moved it around and took three shots and put them together in photoshop, which is a lot cheaper then buying 2 more large softboxes and more light stands hahaha.

Strobist Info
Nikon SB-800 with a 32"x32" softbox both camera left and camera right at 1/4 power
Nikon SB-800 with a 32"x32" softbox behind the subject slightly below the table pointing up using the table as a gobo at 1/4 power

large cocktail table

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