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Freeware Photo Viewer - Dynamic Photo Gallery Php.

Freeware Photo Viewer

freeware photo viewer

  • Software that is available free of charge

  • software that is provided without charge

  • Freeware (from "free" and "software") is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee. Software referred to as freeware is almost always proprietary, and thus not free software. Software that is commercial is occasionally referred to as payware.

  • Freeware is programming that is offered at no cost. However, it is copyrighted so that you cant incorporate its programming into anything you may be developing. The least restrictive "no-cost" programs are open to copy programs in the public domain. These include a number of small UNIX programs.

  • A person who looks at or inspects something

  • A device for looking at slides or similar photographic images

  • A person watching television or a movie

  • (viewers) viewing audience: the audience reached by television

  • an optical device for viewing photographic transparencies

  • spectator: a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"

  • PHOTO was the name of an American photographic magazine geared towards men. It was published monthly by the Official Magazine Corporation beginning in June 1952.

  • Photo is a French magazine about photography, published monthly by Hachette Filipacchi Medias. It is mostly focused on artistic aspects of photography rather than technical aspects. The editorial line is mostly oriented toward fashion and nude photography.

  • A photo finish

  • photograph: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material

  • A photograph

Baby - Realist found photo - crossview

Baby - Realist found photo - crossview

This old stereo slide was in my Stereo Realist Red Button Viewer when I purchased it recently off eBay.

I have absolutely no idea who this baby is, but being a red-border Kodachrome I presume he's well into his 50s by now!

This scan was more or less an experiement in how easy it is for my Nikon Coolscan V ED to scan slides of this mount/format (not particularly convenient but obviously possible), and also an experiement in using the excellent "Stereo Photo Maker" freeware programme for the first time.

Árni Kristinn

Árni Kristinn

Arni Kristinn the son of my brother. He was in some deep thoughts when I took this picture. Just worked the photo a little bit in Faststone Viewer. Some brilliant freeware program.

freeware photo viewer

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