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Automatic Swiss Watches : Swiss Quartz Watch

Automatic Swiss Watches

automatic swiss watches

    swiss watches
  • (Swiss watch) Swiss Made is a label used to indicate that a product was made in Switzerland.

  • operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control; "automatic transmission"; "a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts"

  • (of a device or process) Working by itself with little or no direct human control

  • (of a firearm) Self-loading and able to fire continuously until the ammunition is exhausted or the pressure on the trigger is released

  • (of a motor vehicle or its transmission) Using gears that shift by themselves according to speed and acceleration

  • automatic pistol: a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

  • automatic rifle: light machine gun

things near my desk

things near my desk

strobist info:

I shot this with my 580ex ii. However it is a composite shot made up of 3 different images.

the key light is from the rear which lights the watch case and background.
the face is the second shot lit from a hight angle as you can tell from the shadow.
and the band was lit in the third shot, a slight variation of shot two.

Wakmann Vintage Chronograph (1970s)

Wakmann Vintage Chronograph (1970s)

This is a gem of a watch I snagged on eBay the other day. Been wanting a mod watch like this for awhile.... Added a nice modern rubber watch band with metal friction clasp... It is self winding (like the seiko kinetics) and has a 5 week calendar movable bezel.

automatic swiss watches

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