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10.11.2011., četvrtak



Cheap Tires In Sacramento

cheap tires in sacramento

  • A river in northern California that rises near the border with Oregon and flows about 380 miles (611 km) south to San Francisco Bay

  • The capital of California, situated on the Sacramento River, northeast of San Francisco; pop. 407,018

  • Sacramento Station (SAC) is an Amtrak and Amtrak California train station which serves the city of Sacramento, California. It is located at 401 I Street, on the corner of I Street and Fifth Street.

  • Sacramento is a Portuguese parish (freguesia) in the municipality of Lisbon. It has a total area of 0.08 km? and total population of 880 inhabitants (2001); density: 18,864.2 hab/km?.

  • a city in north central California 75 miles to the northeast of San Francisco on the Sacramento River; capital of California

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Well, it's finally time to fix that rust...

Well, it's finally time to fix that rust...

The Alfa Romeo Berlina has an odd history. It was never a sales success in the U.S., where Alfa always meant open two-seater or, for the real Alfista, the beautiful Bertone coupe usually called the GTV (acually designed by Giugiaro before he left Bertone to form his own design house). Four-door sedans were, well, thought of as boring cars, like Studebakers or Volvos. So there were very, very few Alfa Berlinas sold here, though there were nearly half a million sold in the rest of the world.

The result is twofold. First, the only people who bought Berlinas in the U.S. were already dedicated Alfa fanatics, so they tended to go to people who took care of them.... at least at first. But as time went on and the cars (and their owners) aged, most Berlinas went through second and third owners who valued them less and less as the cost of Italian parts didn't seem to line up with the absence of Italian style. So for years, the Berlina was practically a giveaway, as in "I'll sell you my GTV for $4500 but you have to haul that Berlina parts car too or it's no deal."

The thing is... I've owned three different 105- and 115-series Alfas, including a very nice Spider and a hot-rod GT Junior. And the Berlina is my favorite Alfa. Maybe my favorite car. It's got a feel that's just right.

I bought this one for cheap; it had belonged to an old-school Alfa enthusiast for years (long enough that most of its maintenance had been done properly), but it had also sat for many years in a side yard in Sacramento, California before being picked up by the guy I bought it from. It had that rust spot, and another matching spot on the other side of the windscreen; the interior was immaculate, and it drove very well (though with worn shocks, brakes and tires). So I towed it home and have been tinkering with it.

Every summer I polish off the previous year's oxidation and, for a few months, the car looks like a cabochon garnet. And I keep thinking that maybe this year it's time to fix the rust permanently. I've at least stopped it, but there are always so many other demands on money, time and attention... and every year the car keeps polishing up nicely and keeps being fun to drive.

One day I'll fix the rusty patches. Maybe this winter...

FanimeCon 2005 - Photo 082

FanimeCon 2005 - Photo 082

Yes... This was my masterpiece, and I can still do this costume. (It's hotter than Hell when I'm in it, though.)

Porco Rosso - Kurenai No Buta - The Crimson Pig.

The flying ace from Hayao Miyazaki's legendary story, set in the early 20th century in Europe.

A wonderful film indeed.

I debuted this costume at FanimeCon 2005, and I was stopped literally every five feet by people wanting to take my picture.

I planned this out from start to finish. I got the basic uniform for an incredibly low price. (Thanks to Dickies work clothes at Wal-Mart)
The pilot helmet I made from scratch, taking apart a cheaper version and constructing it out of upholstery-gauge vinyl.

The pig-face was a combination of latex appliances spirit-gum attached, human hair moustaches epoxyed on to it, a lot of Ben Nye theatrical makeup, and some cheap round-lens sunglasses (also got the goggles at Wal-Mart)

The most expensive part of the costume were the boots, whcih I picked up at a Skechers outlet in Sacramento, CA.

I surprised a lot of people, friends, even Lionel Lum - He didn't know it was me until I came up to him and told him.

I still would do this once in a while - just NOT in the summer months. At least not without a LOT of bottled water. It's hard to eat with the pig snout on, and you have to drink through a straw.

The lengths I go to for a very accurate costume. (AND YES, for some friends who view this - I do go to lengths at times. ^_^;)

Hello, my name is Michael, and I am a Flickr addict.
("Hello, Michael.") ~_~;

Yes, I am very tired. I'm so tired, I'm rambling. I will stop now.

Oyasumi nasai.... More pictures to post....

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