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Hot Wheels Car Game

hot wheels car game

    hot wheels
  • Hot Wheels is a Hardy Boys novel.

  • Hot Wheels is a thirty minute Saturday morning animated television series broadcast on ABC from 1969 to 1971, under the primary sponsorship of Mattel Toys.

  • Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

    car game
  • (car games) fishing games zombie games typing games ninja games amazon coupons iphone cases Negril

  • Car games are games played to pass the time on long car journeys, often started by parents to amuse restless children. Some such games are designed specifically to be played while traveling (e.g.

hot wheels car game - Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car - Green

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car - Green

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car: Get the Video Racer Video Camera Car with a built-in Mini Cam putting you in the drivers? seat. See the world through Hot Wheels by racing on actual 1:64 scale Hot Wheels track while recording. The Video Racer car even has a built-in LCD screen for instant playback. The possibilities are endless. The Video Racer Micro Camera Car is the only 1:64 scale Hot wheels car and that doubles as an action camera. Included clips and straps, it can also be attached to bikes, helmets, skateboards, almost anything. The Video Racer Micro Camera allows 30 frames per second recording capability and can record up to 12 minutes of video. Also the built in LCD screen on the undercarriage allows for instant feedback to see if the right shot was captured or not. Create, Edit and Share Your Videos. CREATE: Film all your stunts by sending your Video Racer car down Hot Wheels track or by mounting the Video Racer car on other surfaces such as bikes, skateboards, etc. EDIT: Get creative. Add music and graphics to your video for the ultimate Hot Wheels experience. Exclusive software will allow you to edit and create your own movies. It is pre-loaded with graphics, sounds effects and even music.? Create an instant movie from all your clips with a single click. SHARE: Connect with friends or upload online so everyone can see your world through Hot Wheels.

Features include:

•The only 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car and that doubles as an action camera
•Camera allows 30 frames per second recording capability and can record up to 12 minutes of video
•Even has a built-in LCD screen for instant playback
•Includes clips and straps so you can attach it to bikes, helmets, skateboards, or almost anything
•Videos can be edited online with the exclusive Hot Wheels Video Racer software

Film the world from the perspective of a racecar with the Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car. Allowing 30-frames-per-second recording quality and holding up to 12 minutes of video, the Video Racer is the only 1/64 scale Hot Wheels car that doubles as an action camera. Download the free Video Racer editing software to upload your videos and share them with your friends!
Hot Wheels Logo
Video Racer
Micro Camera Car
Ages: Five and up
Requires: 3.7 V Li-Polymer battery (included)
At a Glance:
Micro camera capable of 30-frames-per-second recording quality
Memory holds 12 minutes of video
Attachment clips bring Video Racers to new terrains
USB cable and free Video Racer editing software make sharing videos easy
Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car
Built-in LCD for immediate preview of the racing action. View larger. Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car
Records up to 12 minutes of video. View larger.
Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat with Built-In Mini Cam
The Video Racer allows you to see the world through the eyes of a Hot Wheels driver. Slide the power switch toward the front of the car, press the Skull Button to switch into record mode, and start racing! The memory records up to 12 minutes of video as the Video Racer speeds along Hot Wheels tracks with instant playback on its LCD screen.
Explore New Terrains with Adhesive Car Mounts
The Video Racer includes four attachment clips and an Action Cam protective attachment case that allow your car to travel on a variety of new terrains. Two of the attachment clips come with corresponding adhesive strips, allowing you to affix your car to places such as a bike helmet so you can film as you ride. The other two clips come with an adjustable strap so you can wear the Video Racer attached to your arm or wrist to film your stunts, no matter what sport you play!
Edit and Share Videos with Friends and Family
When the battery is drained or the memory is full, simply plug the Video Racer into a computer with the included USB cable. With the Video Racer editing software installed, the car charges as recorded footage automatically transfers to the computer. With the included instructions, controlling the camera and software settings is easy and fun.
The Video Racer editing software runs only on a Windows Operating System. Our Mac-using testers were happy to find, though, that they were still able to play their videos on the computer even if they weren't able to edit them.
What's in the Box
Hot Wheels Video Racer car, USB cable, four attachment clips, adjustable strap, two adhesive strips, Action Cam protective attachment case, and instructions for use.

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Flaming Oil Path

Flaming Oil Path

My first ever game of 5th edition Car Wars, with counters and all. The purple car just drove into the wall after skidding over the flaming oil, which left the green car to whittle away from a safe distance.

First Hot Wheels

First Hot Wheels

My first game using two Hot Wheels purchased on a whim at Safeway (who even knew they sold Hot Wheels?!). From there the addiction to cheap toy cars spiraled downwards...

hot wheels car game

hot wheels car game

Top Gear Board Game - Ultimate Car Challenge

Prove that you are the ultimate Top Gear fan with our fantastic Top Gear Board Game - Ultimate Car Challenge! Like a Lego man in a wind tunnel, zoom your way around the board answering trivia questions about your favourite car programme. The Top Gear Board Game is fun for the whole family. There is nothing like playing a board game on a rainy day, after dinner or on a boring Sunday afternoon. A fantastic gift for motor enthusiasts, answer the most bizarre and intriguing questions and titter over Jeremy Clarkson's witticisms with the Top Gear Board Game! With trivia like: 'Can you complete the official Top Gear verdict on the mighty Atom? It's Driving... a.)paradise, 6.)us mad, c.)nirvana.' Ultimate Car Challenge is a great game for when you have the lads over for a few beverages. With the Cool Wall, Caravan Conkers, the Stig's Power Laps and much more, who wouldn't want to celebrate the most popular car show on TV? Why not twin this with our other Top Gear gifts like our Stig poster!

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