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3 day mini blinds - Painting vertical blinds

3 Day Mini Blinds

3 day mini blinds

    mini blinds
  • slat blinds with very narrow slats (usually 19 or 24 mm wide) and used where people need window treatments made on a smaller scale.

  • Decorating your Mousehole: Minnie Blinds ^l

  • UpSee aluminum blinds.

  • Carried out during the day as opposed to the evening or at night

  • (of a person) Working during the day as opposed to at night

  • a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"

  • some point or period in time; "it should arrive any day now"; "after that day she never trusted him again"; "those were the days"; "these days it is not unusual"

  • time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis; "two days later they left"; "they put on two performances every day"; "there are 30,000 passengers per day"

  • three: being one more than two

  • three: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

  • A performance appraisal, employee appraisal, performance review, or (career) development discussion is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor .

3 day mini blinds - Futurama x

Futurama x Kidrobot ~3" Mini-Figure (1 Randomly Picked Blind Box Figure)

Futurama x Kidrobot ~3

Time warp to the 31st century with cast of Futurama! We've teamed up with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen for the second time to bring your favorite Planet Express employees to vinyl.
From the cryogenically frozen Fry to the ancient Dr. Zoidberg, 12 iconic characters, including 2 chases are coming at you blind boxed in the very near future.
To purchase other figures in this series, search for:
• BCCB1Z02-08D97502H50 (Single Pack)
• BCCB11O6-08D97502H50 (Double Pack)
• BCCB115F-08D97502H50 (Triple Pack)

You may also find other designer toys by searching for designertoysdiva

84% (5)

[205/365] elections aren't that pretty

[205/365] elections aren't that pretty

story of a girl - nine days OR 3 doors down OR third eye blind
pic info:

yep! another face for my custom nendoroid

well this is how i spent my election weekend!

saturday: i was actually asleep when my parents went to vote...yeah they left me home alone...and when they got back....i was still asleep -_-...but then later on i went shops and did my science assignment! :D

Sunday: i went THERE *points to picture* and to some really awesome shopping thingy...yeah what a bludgey weekend

WELL THEN! the words (in english) are talking about the election! well:

if you live in australia...who did you vote for? Liberal? Labour? The Greens? haha...the Australian Sex Party? (haha i know who to vote for when i can xD)

well here are my thoughts on some issues:

they're doing WAY better than most people out there...and myself D;...no one loves me/us...waaaaaa! T0T *rejecteddd*...

- mining tax : ...wait...WHAT?! seriously...someone explain!

- abortion: i think people should be able to choose whether they want to kill the unborn or not...but then again it's 'living'...but would you rather let it be like that or let the baby grow up unloved?

yeah the net here is pretty mean...THEY BETTER MAKE THEIR PROMISE OF THIS COME TRUE!

- illegal immigration (or boat people): buy some islands and give them tools and stuff to create their own new lives!...actually...maybe some islands in the countries above Australia can help with that! yeah! give some islands not being populated!...
nah seriously...if they want to stop them..they need to stop the engines and...ummm...GIVE THEM TO THE KRACKEN! ...or consider special cases...or fix some 'international issues' ...yeah that would boost ...something?

and there's a truckload more things...but i cbb finding out what they are called

to my certain-people-in-class:

sorry for being a total meanie today but...well...hush! hushing is good too! no need to scream down my frkn ear because...i'll ship us all to america and sue your ass for making me deaf!

and also yeah! i got annoyed at yous (omgit'saword) for being too loud and stuff...sorry! can't help it! you know meeeee...quiet, outspoken, invisible person

so yeah
sorry for being pissed off..but I'M A PERSON TOOOOOOO...and will be brutally honest at times and be all shunning everything because everything suddenly became as annoying as a fad

and btw...please refrain from turning the PDHPE drink driving ad into some stupid corny angsty sad story...because it's waaaay too common to strike a sadness nerve in some people

Paul A. Roid

Paul A. Roid

Vivitar 283 w/ umbrella right front of camera 1/16th power, Vivitar 283 w/ small Lumiquest softbox 1/32nd power behind subject (me, duh), ISO 800, f9 125th/sec

*for 13 things*

1. it's going to be hard to come up with 13 points that don't relate to photography, you probably guessed by now that photography is my sole passion.

2. my parents and grandmother wanted my name to be Markus, but the nurse who wrote the birth certificate screwed up and typed the names in the wrong order: Christian Markus
so Markus is officially my middle name.

3. I'm working in the same industry (graphic design, prepress) since 20 years (man, am I getting old or what?). I have switched jobs though - first I was a typesetter (the real graphic designers!), then I did graphic design and web design, now I work as a photo retoucher in a big advertising agency.

4. My cats name is "Kaze" (japanese for wind, she's crazy like that)

5. I'm told I'm a decent poet and love Charles Bukowski's work

6. I have accute GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), but I have been a good boy and cut down to 7 or so cameras...

7. my birthsign is Libra and I believe in it (Tarot too, speaking of which - lemme check my card of the day)

8. in my former life I was a cook & healer

9. I'm originally from Germany, but moved to the US in 2002

10. my entry date into the US is 02-02-2002

11. I met my wife on the internet and we're married since 5 years (thanks to match.com)

12. I'm a Mac and a geek

13. I'm witty and "quick on my feet" as my wife would say

hey, this took only 15 minutes and was pretty easy ;)

3 day mini blinds

3 day mini blinds

Family Guy X Kidrobot ~3

Kidrobot teams up with prolific animator Seth MacFarlane to bring you TV's all-American but totally twisted and dysfunctional family known as the Griffins, and their favorite New England neighbors.
Here to make us laugh and cry, each of the 15 blind-boxed Family Guy mini figures comes with an insert card and accessory - and raises the question, "Which FGKR will you get?" Giggity!
This series can also be purchased in various bundles by searching for:
• BCCB1Z64-08D9750D4F (Single Pack)
• BCCB1Z57-08D9750D4F (Double Pack)
• BCCB1Z40-08D9750D4F (Triple Pack)

You may also find other designer toys by searching for designertoysdiva

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